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Get 15% off Razer peripherals with GOG's Polish games sale

GOG have teamed up with the Razer Store

GOG are holding a Polish Games Festival this week, with savings of up to 90% on loads of games from Polish developers, including Frostpunk, Observer: System Redux, Dying Light and Yes, Your Grace, and even some brand-new games such as Ghostrunner and The Medium. The sale runs until May 10th, but an extra wrinkle in this year's festival is that if you buy a game and sign up to GOG's newsletter, then you'll also receive a 15% off voucher on peripherals from the Razer Store.

The Razer voucher will be valid from May 10th to June 10th 2021, and will be sent via email to the address connected with your GOG account within a few days of the sale ending, according to GOG's small print. You'll only be able to get one voucher during the sale - buying multiple games won't equal multiple vouchers unfortunately - and it will also only be valid in select territories, including the USA, Canada, UK, all European Union countries, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

As mentioned above, the voucher can be applied to Razer peripherals, which includes their mice, mouse mats, keyboards and gaming headsets. I've tested plenty of worthwhile candidates over the years, including their recent Orochi V2 mouse, and Blackshark V2 headset, but you can always have a look at our best hardware articles for more suggestions if you need them.

As for which games you might want to consider getting from GOG's Polish games sale, you can find the full list here, but I've also picked out some personal highlights below.

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