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GOG's We Love Games sale is now on

Control, Disco Elysium, Metro Exodus and more are over 40% off

With February 14th fast approaching, GOG have kicked off their We Love Games sale, slashing the prices of over 2500 games by up to 92%. Among them are some of the biggest games from the last couple of years, including Control's DLC-packed Ultimate Edition, Disco Elysium, and Metro Exodus and there's even a small saving on old Cyberpunk 2077 as well, marking its very first official discount. Read on below for our selected highlights.

Running from now until 2pm GMT on February 15th (that's 6am or 9am for PT / ET folks in the US), GOG's We Love Games sale is packed with all sorts of deals and discounts, from old classics like 70% off Commander Keen's Complete Pack to dozens of co-op adventures you can play with a friend or socially-distanced partner. Just be sure to take it easy on things like Overcooked 2, yeah? Because we all know how badly that can end when tempers are frayed by months of lockdown-induced cabin fever.

Of course, with over 2500 games on sale, that's a lot of deals to sift through in one go, so to help you find the kind of games you love best, GOG have split their sale into four different categories, including the retro-inspired Old Love Never Fades section, the multiplayer and co-op heavy Play Together tab, and the For The Love Of Games collection, which focuses on things that are 'fun and challenging', according to GOG. Alternatively, you can just browse their Bestseller rankings to see what's popular these days, or dive into the entire list to see what takes your fancy.

We've done exactly that and returned with these tasty highlight morsels. I'm particularly tempted by XCOM 2, as this is one of the few games to receive the full 92% discount, taking it down to less than three English pounds. What a bargain!

Remember, you've only got until February 15th to take advantage of these deals, so make sure you grab 'em while they're hot.

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