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2 Slow 2 Ponderous: Hac Is Gone Home In A Car

In a good way!

How soon is too soon to write about a new game? Hac has been in development for a few weeks and was only today posted about by its developer on the TIGSource forums. That's the mark against it. In the 'pros' column is that it's a "first-person game about driving 1990's Europe, with a focus on meaningful interactions and a 'true' driving experience", that it aims to become "Euro Truck Simulator with a narrative", and that there's already a super-duper-early build to try out.

There's little I'd like more than to tool around EFIGS countryside to the sound of jangling keys and the click-clack of mechanical levers, so I recorded a quick video of me fiddling with what's in the current build.

Spoilers: there's none of the countryside, but there is a robustly interactive vehicle with satisfying knobs, sticks and nozzles. Watch below. There's sound and music eventually, though not much of it:

I like that "meaningful interactions" extends to dropping my keys like a goon.

In its current prototype this is no more than five minutes of fun, but sometimes the mere idea of something is enough. It's also being made by Greg Pryjmachuk, a former developer on Codemaster's F1 games, which at least suggests the skills necessary to make that idea a reality. I raced to download this, steered my way towards following its dev log, and see no reason why some of you shouldn't feel similar.

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