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Gotham Knights' range of skills will let you and your pal play as two distinct Nightwings if you like

So happy together

Looks like Gotham Knights will let you ditch the quintessential awkward co-op experience. You know the one. You and your friend both want to play the same character but can't. My best pal and I run into it every time. Inevitably he wins, so he gets the dexterous ranged character and I'm stuck with a melee bruiser who's got the finesse of a fire hose. Good news then, WB Games Montreal say that you and your co-op buddy can play as the same character. Each one will have a breadth of skills available so that you may even want to both be Nightwing.

In an interview with IGN, WB Montreal dig into a bit more information about character skills, enemy levels, and the co-op experience among other things.

Most important to me personally is that I won't be forced to lose a coin toss for my preferred character. Creative director Patrick Redding uses Red Hood as an example of the breadth of skills, saying "Between the ability tree for Red Hood (which is very unique), and his gear spec, and the way you can modify and upgrade both his ranged weapons, his melee weapons, and his suit—absolutely. In fact that range [between character builds] remains actually quite robust throughout the entire game."

Redding seems to lean towards wanting players to complement one another with different Knights, but it's not required. "If you happen to have two Batgirls, you can also do that," he says. "Obviously, the potential of having different Batgirl builds, and how they look different and play differently is really cool too."

When you're playing on your own, you do have all four heroes to choose from, though Redding acknowledges you may not want to skip around. You can play through the entire game as just your one favorite Knight if you like. "We know most players will typically gravitate towards that one hero that really reflects their style. But I think it's always possible for people to kind of sit there and incrementally play everybody if they want it."

Personally I'm a creature of habit, so you'll catch me running through the entire game with a single character, most likely Nightwing. Thank goodness they won't make me face off with my friends over it.

Gotham Knights is due out sometime in 2021.

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