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Grab 32GB of DDR4 RAM for £77, a Black Friday beating price

Tons of memory for gaming or content creation.

As DDR4 RAM prices continue to fall, we're starting to see even 32GB kits become affordable - great news for content creators or anyone that wants to somewhat 'future-proof' their system. Case in point is this dual-channel 32GB kit from Kingston, with a 3200MT/s CL16 spec that sits just at the sweet spot for price versus performance.

So why is 3200MT/s CL16 a sweet spot? Basically, it offers a noticeable performance advantage over the base 2133MHz and 2400MHz DDR4 specs, which were commonplace when this generation of RAM was first introduced, but costs about the same - this is the new 'base spec' for 2023.

You do see some performance advantages to going for even faster DDR4, but after DDR4-3600 you start seeing diminishing returns, making this 3200MT/s to 3600MT/s window the one you should largely consider. And at present, you're looking at £92 for the cheapest DDR4-3600 kit, an extra ~20% investment for nowhere near 20% extra performance - especially as this £92 kit offers worse CL18 latency.

In terms of other features, there's not much to remark on here. You do get a slick black design with no RGB to speak of and a simple heatspreader that should allow for at least a little overclocking if you're into that kind of thing. It's also relatively low profile RAM, which might make it a better choice for smaller and more cramped systems, like SFF builds.

So: the Kingston Fury Beast is a sensible pickup at £77, especially if you're building a computer that you don't plan to upgrade for a while - and doubly so if you spend any meaningful amount of time doing heavier computing tasks, like video production, photo editing or scientific computing which tend to use much more RAM than gaming or general web-browsing and media consuming.

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