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Grab a high-spec 27-in gaming monitor from AOC for £230

1440p 165Hz at this price point is exceptional.

AOC make some of the best value gaming monitors in the business, especially in the mid-range where you can get some truly impressive specs and solid build quality at surprisingly low prices. Case in point is this deal on a 27-in 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor for just £230 after a solid £135 reduction. That's an awesome deal for this spec, which looks great and offers a competitive advantage over 60Hz alternatives.

The AOC Q27G2S/EU is a good-looking monitor, with a flat IPS panel, 27-in span and simple but effective stand that offers height adjustment, tilt and swivel. That makes it easy to position the monitor to make the most of its wide viewing angles. The flat design and good colour accuracy means that it's well suited for content creation, spreadsheets and other work tasks, while the excellent motion handling provided by the IPS panel and its rated 1ms reponse time translates well for both high frame-rate video and gaming. The monitor's also FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible, making it a good pairing with any gaming PC.

Is there anything not great with this monitor? Sure, for the money you'd expect some drawbacks and indeed this monitor does lack a little for contrast, with a modest 1000:1 contrast ratio that's between a half and a third of competing VA panel monitors that normally hit 2000:1 or 3000:1 contrast ratios. However, these monitors also suffer in terms of pixel response times and viewing angles, so going IPS still makes a lot of sense for most people!

Overall, this is a ton of monitor for the money, and definitely recommended if you can stretch to this £230 mark. There's really a huge boost in clarity from going from 1080p to 1440p, especially at this screen size, so it's well worth it - and similarly, after gaming at a 165Hz screen like this one, you'll find it nearly impossible to go back to a 60Hz model!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more deals as we find them!

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