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Grab a massive 12TB WD_Black D10 external HDD for £180

This price is for a refurbished model, sold from WD's official UK store.

WD's D10 game drive, available in a massive 12TB capacity, is on sale at the official WD UK store. To get the discounted price, use code EXTRA10 to get this refurbished WD_Black D10 Game Drive for £180 - more than £200 off its UK RRP.

This is an awesome amount of storage for the money, and WD's refurbished drives come with a one year warranty which is nice to have. As usual with used drives, we recommend checking out its stats using an app like CrystalDiskInfo to see whether how fresh the drive is - if it's brand new or barely used, then this is an outstanding deal - and if you get a drive that has had a lot of data written to it or is spitting errors, it's straightforward to return it for a refund. The fact of the matter is that most refurbished drives sold this way tend to be little-used, and verifying this is as easy as loading up an app to see what power on count and power on hours are reported by the SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) system embedded on every drive.

Beyond this, it's fun to imagine what you can do with this much storage. The obvious thing is backing up your game install directories, but you could also use this to move media archives between computers or take your games on the road.

This is branded as an 'Xbox' drive, but of course it'll work on PC too - but note that this won't work on PS4/PS5, as these systems are surprisingly limited to 8TB. If you're planning to use this with Series X/S, be aware that you won't be able to run games from what is a much slower drive than the console's internal SSD - but you can back up current-gen games or play previous-gen titles, making these drives a good way to ensure that your fast internal drive is fully available for current-gen games.

What do you think of this deal? Looking at Amazon, there's basically nothing under £200 of this capacity - just a 12TB Seagate Iron Wolf drive at £208 or a 12TB WD Elements drive for £220 - which makes me think this is worth a punt if your storage needs demand it. After all, it even comes with two USB ports in the bargain - pretty neat.

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