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GRID Launch Event: It's on the PC too, you basts.

Since I'm now in That There London I decided I should grab the opportunity to pop along to one of these PR-events which I hear are corrupting our journalists. I joined a small group of men taking a photo of a small group of men in jump-suits and helmets, buying console versions of Race Driver: GRID and the consoles to go with them.

It's on the PC too, you heartless bastards.

The men were professional race drivers, apparently, but I was distracted by seeing how much Season 4 of the Wire cost on DVD to work out if I knew any of them. I probably wouldn't have recognised any of them, even if I did. They actually turned up in Sports cars outside, which I missed, because I went into the wrong side of the shop and got distracted by House DVDs for fifteen quid.

But they did seem rather impressive, if you're into the horseless carriages.The most impressive thing was that they managed to get away with it without getting ticketed, which was something clearly everyone was petrified of.

Actually, there were five of them, but by the time I walked to the end of the row, my batteries died, meaning I missed the grand aray of 'em. Then I wandered off to have a few cracks at the game - inevitably losing due to a combination of my controller keep on disconnecting from my XBox and the guys from Gaming Verdict being much better than me - which leads me to agree with comrade Rossignol. It's Quite Good.

I then wandered off, as I had to meet a friend to wander around London and gawk like simpletons.

Race Driver: GRID is currently available in the shops. I saw it and everything. This is what people want when they demand more investagative journalism, I suspect.

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