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Grounded is adding the mother of all spiders in its June update

Did we really NEED a bigger spider?

Obsidian's Honey I Shrunk The Kids-like survival game Grounded has many wonderful creatures, including some excellent ants that Sin said she would die for. Unfortunately, it also has terrifying spiders, and the developers thought it would be a good idea to add an even bigger one. The game's Shroom & Doom update drops on June 30th, bringing with it new mushroomy structures, and the Broodmother.

Fair warning: don't watch this trailer if spiders give you the spooks. They turn on the (very good) arachnophobia mode eventually, but only after you've already seen the Broodmother in all her eight-legged glory.

Cover image for YouTube videoGrounded - The Shroom & Doom Update - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2021

The Broodmother is the game's first boss, and she looks like she'll take a lot to squash. Or maybe you could build a giant glass to trap her under? Wedge a bit of card under there, throw her out in the garden. Oh, you're already in the garden. Well.

As for the Shrooms, the devs are giving players the ability to make mushroom structures with crafting material from, you guessed it, mushrooms. I like these because they look like fairy castles.

Other community-requested features are coming too, including the ability to sit in chairs, and you'll also be able to keep aphids as pets.

Last year, Sin spoke to the Grounded devs about how they made tiny survival fun: it involves a little bit of nostalgia, plus a good balance of fantasy and reality.

Grounded is out in early access right now, and you can grab it on Steam for £25/€30/$30. It's also on Xbox Games Pass. The Shroom & Doom update arrives June 30th.

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