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Grounded is being shrunk into an animated TV series

Written by Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Brent Friedman

Teenage garden survive ‘em up Grounded has been greenlit to become an animated series. It’ll be adapted by Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels writer Brent Friedman. Oh my gosh, I just finally got the game's name. Watch the trailer for Grounded’s September launch below while I shrink in embarrassment.

Grounded’s animated adaptation takes place in the same universe as the game, Deadline reports, and will follow the adventures of four young pals turned two-inches tall by a shrinking ray as they try to survive in a backyard. Obsidian and Microsoft have joined with Vancouver-based CG company Waterproof Studios/SC Productions, Kinetic Media and Rick And Morty studio Bardel Entertainment to produce the animated series. Friedman is also adapting Earthworm Jim into a new animated show, too.

Video game adaptations are having a bit of a moment, just on telly this time rather than in movie form. The past week saw the debut of Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil show, while Riot Games recently bought the animation studio that produced the TV version of League Of Legends, Arcane. Xbox teamed up with Paramount to show us Master Chief's bum and mug in the live-action Halo show this year, and CD Projekt is partnering with Netflix for the Cyberpunk 2077 anime Edgerunners in September.

Not long after Grounded headed into early access last year, Sin spoke to lead designer Adam Brennecke about the game’s origins. "It's a potent setting for sure," she noted at the time, "and that enticing mixture of the familiar seen from a fantastic, unfamiliar perspective stood out when I watched other people go through the same early-game wonder in co-op."

No word yet on when or where you’ll be able to watch the animated version, but Grounded the game is available on Steam and the Microsoft Store for £25/$30/€30. It's also on Game Pass.

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