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Growing your Hearthstone card collection

Our quick guide to all the ways you can grow your Hearthstone card collection.

There are a few different ways to get hold of new cards in Hearthstone. The first is to simply play the game and use the Gold you earn from wins to purchase new card packs. Each of these card packs cost 100G, and each one is guaranteed to contain at least one Rare quality or better card. Alternatively, you can spend real money to buy the very same packs.

If you want to earn new cards through a different sort of gameplay, Hearthstone Arena mode costs 150G to enter, but you're guaranteed to receive a card pack for participating - even if you crash out after three straight losses! If you manage to win even a few games, however, you'll break even on the extra 50G you spent to take part. Get really good at Arena, and you'll not only reap plenty of card packs, but also make more money than it costs to participate.

There's one final way to bulk out your collection, however, and that involves making use of the game's crafting system. Any duplicate cards you add to your collection can be put through a process called Disenchanting, which renders the card into Arcane Dust. This dust can then be used to create other cards that are missing from your collection.

Here's a quick FAQ that should answer all of your questions about Hearthstone's crafting system.

How do I create new cards in Hearthstone?

In order to build a new card, you'll first of all need to get your hands on a material called Arcane Dust. This dust is granted to you when you destroy other cards that are either unwanted or duplicated in your collection.

To spend your dust, select My Collection from the main menu, then hit Crafting Mode in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Look for a greyed-out card and right-click it to start the crafting process.

How do I disenchant cards in Hearthstone?

The process for disenchanting cards in the game is actually very simple. Go into the My Collection section of the interface, find the card that you no longer want, and then right click on it. You'll now see a Disenchant button that you can click if you want to destroy the card. The dust will then be added to the total shown in the bottom right-hand corner.

Note that once you disenchant a card, it's gone for good! If you want it back you'll have to craft it again.

What are Golden cards?

Golden cards are special versions of regular cards which have additional animations to make them stand out from the vanilla version. These are very expensive to craft, and offer no extra advantages beyond being nice to look at! Something to work towards when you've maxed out your collection of regular cards perhaps.

How much Arcane Dust do I need to craft a new card?

Different cards have different Arcane Dust creation/disenchanting values associated with them, depending on the rarity of each individual card. Here are the values you'll have to keep in mind. The numbers in brackets represent the associated costs for the Golden version of each card.

Common (White)

  • Crafting Cost: 40 (400)
  • Disenchanting Value: 5 (50)

Rare (Blue)

  • Crafting Cost: 100 (800)
  • Disenchanting Value: 20 (100)

Epic (Purple)

  • Crafting Cost: 400 (1600)
  • Disenchanting Value: 100 (400)

Legendary (Orange)

  • Crafting Cost: 1600 (3200)
  • Disenchanting Value: 20 (100)

Should I disenchant a card that isn't a duplicate?

This one's very tricky to call. If you feel very certain that you will never play the class the card belongs to, or you don't mind paying back significantly more dust to re-create it down the road, then go for it. There are even some Legendary cards of very questionable value that you might want to get rid of for a big pile of dust.

Be very cautious though, because you never know what will happen to the meta-game down the road. Today's duff card might be tomorrow's next big thing, and the more dust you get for Disenchanting a card, the more you'll have to spend to craft it later on and remain competitive in the new meta-game.

Will I make more Arcane Dust if I wait for a card to be nerfed?

Very rarely Blizzard will reduce the power of a card that's considered so overpowered that it's become detrimental to the the game. When this happens, you can expect to receive the full crafting cost when you disenchant it, as a form of compensation for the inconvenience caused.

Look at it a slightly different way though. If you don't need Arcane Dust right now, then there's no need to disenchant any of your cards - even the duplicates. One way or another, you may get more value overall for breaking them down in the future, rather than doing it right now.

How do I know which duplicate cards I have?

When you add new cards to your collection, you can click on My Collection in the main interface to view them all. If you have any duplicate cards, you'll see an animated icon giving you the opportunity to break all of your extras down automatically. Hit it to send the dust straight to the bank.

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