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Rockstar Investigating Grand Theft Auto V FPS Loss

So they say

Grand Theft Auto V's [official site] patch 1.28 brought new vehicles, weapons, and clothes to the open-world murder simulator as the second part of its Ill-Gotten Gains update, but it seems a few undesireable elements may have tagged along too. Rumblings and grumbling are going round about the game running slower since the update, and Rockstar are looking into it.

A post on Rockstar's support site (ta for spotting it, PC Gamer) replies to itself, "We have received reports of lower framerate in GTAV and GTA Online after Title Update 1.28 on PC, and we are looking into these reports now."

Right. Okay then. There you have it. May be a problem. Or not. But they're looking into it. I dare say Top Men are at work. Top. Men.

As for what might've caused the drop, that's a mystery but people are, naturally, speculating.

Some say the game's scripting engine is running a lot slower. One group of modders point the finger at what they're taking to be anti-modding code, though that's purely their intepretation of some changed code - Rockstar haven't confirmed or even mentioned anything like that. It could be anti-hacking changes, or goodness knows what else. Don't take that interpretation at face value, I'm saying.

Why not savour the little mysteries in life? Perhaps you might like to imagine Rockstar have added systems to make the skies rain confetti, fireworks, and dollars bills on your - and only your - birthday.

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