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Have a pleasant dander around the Alien Caseno

To err is humen

We have long suspected that the gambling institutions of our planet are strange and silly places, where nothing makes sense. But for an alien race, these dens of coinage and colour might be stranger still. Alien Caseno lets you explore a meteoric establishment set up by extraterrestrials to mimic the betting behaviour of the "humens of Erth". Notes inscribed on the wall explain these otherworldly customs. There's "ponker" and "peetser" and that game where the small sphere travels around inside a tray. "humens get alarmed," notes one scrawl, "if they don't like where it stops on the tray."

This might look familiar to you if you have ever wandered about on the sea floor in The Fish Market. It's by the same maker of weird places, Grace Bruxner, and it has the same kind of humour and brightness too. The aliens, like the aquatic lot, don't spel gud. But they are all perfectly happy and optimistic, walking around with wide smiles, some of them hopping in excitement or contentedly holding their ponker cards despite not understanding any of the rules.

There's a lot of daft details to take in. The paddling pool, the mini-aliens hidden in craters, the tiny flying saucer nipping around, the bouncers protecting you from weird glitches, the space-bus. My favourite room is the nightclub, where a bunch of aliens are dancing like the billio, shaking their strange bods to the sound of Las Ketchup. One of them is dancing on his (her?) head. All in all, it is a good thing there are no humans hiding in this casino.

Or is there?

You can grab Alien Caseno for free on It takes about 5 minutes per wander, and if you want more, you can always grab The Fish Market too. G'wan.

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