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Have You Played... Future Vs. Fantasy Quake?

Before Overwatch

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Every FPS with skills and characters is being caught up in the ineffectual backlash against MOBAs but heck, the idea's hardly new. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory from is a cracking class-o-XP-a-shooter and that came out 13 years ago. The first I remember enjoying, though, was Future vs. Fantasy [archived official site] for Quake in '96, '97.

Future vs. Fantasy is a mod for Quake (and later, other Quakes) adding a load of player classes. You might fancy being a fragile Ninja flinging daggers and firebombs while grappling hooking around, a Cyborg Camper with huge area-of-effect attacks, a Wasteland Warrior flinging worms and chemicals, a helpful Cleric summoning heals and pickups, and so on. Heck, you might even fancy being just a plain old Quake soldier. Players level up or power up as they go, one way or another, becoming super-mega-monster-slayers. It's a class-o-XP-a-shooter, yeah?

The problem with some modern FPS-action-RPGs is that they're simply not fun shooters at heart. Future vs. Fantasy was wrapped around Quake. That is a good heart. Strong. FvF is quite different, of course, but it's a solid foundation for something weird and fun to play on the side. I played Quake's episodes dozens of times but FvF was an interesting way to see them fresh - not to mention from a new perspective when playing a class with a grappling hook.

I mostly played FvF in singleplayer, but it does also have co-op, deathmatch, and an objective-based mode I never got to play. The deathmatch was a good silly time. If you fancy a go, you can download FvF over here.

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