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Have You Played... The Sims 4?

What do we want? Spiral staircases! When do we want them? Now!

Uh oh, here she goes again. “Does anyone want to tell Alice that The Sims 4 is the worst iteration in the Sims series?” No, you don’t need to tell me, I know it’s not the best. The Sims 3 will forever be dear to my heart, what with its cars and lack of loading screens, but The Sims 4 does its best by having more tools and options. A lot can be said for its overpriced expansions, that are severely lacking in stuff for their price, but we should really be thankful for those 'Create A Sim' options and the intricate houses that are now possible.

EA are super good at listening to Sims fans, patching swimming pools and toddlers into the game for free after there was an (unsurprising) outcry at the lack of both of these when the game came out. It’s been around for four years now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, what with the Get Famous expansion pack only being released this November.

I’ll be honest here, I am 100% that Sims player that will rinse the game for two weeks solid and then never touch it again for a quarter of a year. I just burn myself out on it. It’s easily one of the most re-playable games out there and has so much to do, even if you just have the base game, as they’re great at patching it.

Sadly, Sims are way more intelligent than they used to be and are therefore harder to kill, so if you just want to play the Sims for death reasons then it’s going to more than just deleting the pool ladder to get them gone. Though, and don’t tell anyone I told you this, there is a mod for violence if you want to get things really gory. There’s pretty much a mod for everything… if you know what I mean. NSFW, obviously.

The greatest thing about The Sims 4 is its brilliant community. People are nice, people make things for other people, people design new clothing items, new furniture, new wallpaper, and make new mods that take the grind out, or make the grind harder. It’s a wholesome place to be, unless you mod something into the game that makes it less wholesome, obvs.

I love The Sims 4, just like I loved the other ones before it, and I hope they just patch out those damn loading screens, give us spiral staircases, and drivable cars. We don’t need a Sims 5 anymore, that’s not how this game needs to work. Just make it the best it can be.

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