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Head In The Clouds: Wildstar's Player-Owned Houses

Carbine's science fiction Wild West MMO Wildstar certainly has a lot of promise. The colourful, bold art style is lovely for a start, but then when you read up on some of the more esoteric aspects that have been announced for it, there's some potential for it to be interesting. It's not stepping out of the quest-based mould, granted, but it seems to have enough character to stand up as something singular in the MMO landscape. The new trailer detailing player-housing - plots of lands that can be turned into floating islands of player-erected buildings and furniture - does nothing to dispel that feeling. Go take a look, below.

Cover image for YouTube video

Thanks, VG247!

Not looking bad, eh? No idea quite how flexible that system will be, of course, and I can remember a time when "player owned housing" was a key feature for any new MMO, but it never really seemed to go anywhere interesting. Can anyone think of what the best current example for the state of MMO player-housing? And don't say "EVE's Captain's Quarters" thing, either.

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