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Heads A Lopping: Shadow Warrior Teaser

There seems to be a lot of game design documents getting dust blown off them at the moment. What other remakes are we due? Star Wars: TIE Fighter? Subwar 2050? Emerging from a dusty cloud of nostalgia is Shadow Warrior. 3D Realms' samurai shooter from the late '90s is being made shiny and new by Hard Reset developers Flying Wild Hog. Nathan scoured his memories of it a few weeks ago, but back then all we saw of it was a website and some words. Now I have moving pictures with sound, something that didn't exist in the '90s, when eyes were useless, and ears went unused.

The pre-YouTube world was joyless place, let me tell you. This trailer is all in-engine, but there's no footage of the game in action. What it does show is e the meat connecting heads to torsos will be assaulted in all manner of swordy ways. My memory of Shadow Warrior is spotty at best, so I can't tell if it feels like the previous game. It's quite grim, and I'd suggest you only look at the video after the watershed of 9pm, but it's always 9pm somewhere in the world.

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No release date as of yet. A general question: what do you prefer? A remake/sequel of a game that you genuinely loved, or something new? We have both, obviously, so there's no real need to choose, but I'd like to know what you're looking for? And if there's something that has been remade and you're played it, did you enjoy it? Did it capture what you loved about the game? If you answered, you may now look at these screenshots.

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