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Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Tips and Tricks

Keep these in mind and you'll be in a very good place.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Top Tips

- The maximum amount of gold you can have at any given time is 10. Make sure, late in the game, you’re buying minions before you sell. Selling a minion when you’re at 10 coins gives you a grand total of nothing.

- In almost every team composition, you’ll want to grab a Nightmare Amalgam. It helps you early on when you’re not sure what route you’re taking, and can be buffed to a ludicrous level by the time you get stronger minions.

- You can unfreeze Bob’s Tavern if you change your mind about what you’re doing. Just click the Freeze icon again and you’ll be seeing a new batch of minions next round.

- The order of your turns is just as vital in Battlegrounds as it is in normal Hearthstone. Make sure you leave board space to trigger Battlecries on the likes of Defender of Argus and Houndmaster, before selling them back to Bob in return for 1 coin.

- An extremely easy mistake to make with Battlegrounds is forgetting about Hero Powers. If you’re playing as someone like Giantfin or Patches, you’ll desperately want to be pressing that button every turn. Usually, it’s a good idea to Hero Power immediately, just to ensure you don’t forget.

- Remember the mechanic of Golden minions in Battlegrounds! When you purchase your third of a certain minion type, they’ll combine and be added back to your hand. This can allow you to make some Battlecry plays before replaying your newly buffed minion. Remember, only some effects upgrade when turning gold. Sneed’s Old Shredder doubles the number of Legendary minions summoned, whereas the likes of Cave Hydra just get a buff in stats. Of course, them heading back to your hand is a great opportunity to play buffing cards without having to sell your powerful minions.

- Minion placement is vital. Your first minion to attack will always be your leftmost one, and targets are random. Of course, if an enemy minion has Taunt, you’ll be forced to hit them first. You can maximise your board’s utility by moving your Divine Shield and Taunt minions in such a way that they’ll provide you with as much protection as possible, absorbing enemy Poisonous minions with Divine Shield and pinging off enemy Divine Shields with things like Foe Reaper 4000 and Cave Hydra.

- Deathrattles on minions stack. Magnetizing several copies of Replicating Menace means you’ll end up getting 3 Microbots summoned per copy. When combined with Khadgar or Baron Rivendare, this is increased even more.

- Some minions are weak in stats, but if kept alive have enormous effect. Junkbot and Scavenging Hyena are examples of minions that scale amazingly if you keep them alive. Soul Juggler deals constant damage to the enemy board if your Demons keep dying off, and Murloc Warleaders boost your generated Murlocs into attacking powerhouses.

That's all for our tips and tricks run through! We'll keep you updated if any mechanical changes occur, of course. While you're here, check out our early-game guide for help on getting through the first few rounds, as well as our Hero tier list to help you decide who to play as.

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