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Hearthstone: Boomsday Project release date

When Hearthstone's second expansion of 2018 will be released.

Whether or not Blizzard intended to suddenly reveal 2018's second Hearthstone expansion - or its fallen foul to a leak - the cat is now officially out of the bag. Following April's release of the Witchwood set, the next batch of cards will be added to the game with the launch of The Boomsday Project.

This new expansion is themed around the experiments of a character you might just remember from the days of Goblins vs Gnomes: Dr Boom. When will the Boomsday Project be released though?

Well, thanks to supplementary information that was uncovered around the time of the trailer reveal, we can confirm that the Boomsday Project will be released on Tuesday 7th August 2018. That's a little earlier than usual for a Hearthstone expansion, so we'll be keeping a close eye on this to make sure there's not been a miscommunication somewhere along the line.

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What to expect from the expansion though?

Well, a new keyword called Magnetic has already been confirmed in the reveal trailer that we've embedded just above. These cards can be played on their own, but if you have a Mech on the board already then you can combine the two stats to form one mighty minion.

There'll also be Omega Project cards which gain an extra special effect if they're played when you have ten Mana Crystals to spare, and - for the first time in Hearthstone history - Legendary Spells. Finally, there are going to be Legendary Scientist cards - we imagine these will form the hero-specific Legendary cards of the next expansion.

For more details on Hearthstone's next expansion, head over to our comprehensive Boomsday Project guide. It contains everything we currently know, and will be updated continuously as the devs release more details about this year's second of three Hearthstone expansions.

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