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Hearthstone: Brawl of Champions guide

Everything we know so far about the Brawl of Champions.

King Rastakhan’s not done with us yet. First we’ve battled through Rastakhan’s Rumble which presented a roguelike adventure filled with tough boss fights, and now he’s got a whole season of content for us.

In the newly announced Season of Rastakhan we’ll be getting the Brawl of Champions. Over a total of three weeks we’ll be able to participate in a series of special Tavern Brawls which will feature rumble champions and Shrines. There will be brand new decks and Shrines to play each week!

Below we’ve rounded up everything we currently know so far about the Brawl of Champions event and we’ll continue to update it as the event gets underway.

Brawl of Champions: Everything we know so far

Start and End Date

The Brawl of Champions begins from 13th February and concludes on 3rd March.

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What do we know about the Brawl of Champions?

The Brawl of Champions is a three week series of special Tavern Brawls. You’ll choose a rumble Champion and harness the power of their shrine. Each week the Tavern Brawl will bring something new to the table, namely, it’ll switch up the champion so you’ll have a new deck and Shrine to toy around with.

There will be a new repeatable Quest to complete called “For the Glory of Rastakhan”. Here are the requirements:

”Play a Tavern Brawl three times to earn a Rastakhan’s Rumble card pack. Available each Wednesday when the Tavern Brawl starts. You can earn up to three Rastakhan’s Rumble card packs over the course of the Season of Rastakhan.”

That concludes the first version of our Brawl of Champions guide but we’ll update it further once it’s begun.

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