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Hearthstone: Cannoneer guide - Best cards, treasures and equipment (Monster Hunt)

Everything you need to know about Monster Hunt's Cannoneer hero in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone’s Monster Hunt PVE mode is now live and it certainly built on what made Dungeon Run so moreish.

You’ll face off against all-new bosses, collect powerful new cards as you bolster your deck from an assortment of themed loot buckets and take your pick from a batch of potentially game-changing artifacts that could give you the edge needed to beat this tricky mode.

Dungeon Run gave us the freedom to choose any class, but this time we've got four distinctive heroes with their own unique hero powers. It’s exactly what’s needed to freshen up this dungeon crawling experience and we’re looking forward to how each class handles certain scenarios.

One of these four classes is called the Cannoneer and it’s largely based on the Warrior. In this article we’ll be outlining everything you need to know about this character, as well as updating it with loads more strategy advice regarding decks, treasures and more.

For help with bosses make sure you look through our main Monster Hunt guide!

Cannoneer: FAQ

  • The Cannoneer is very much styled on Hearthstone’s Warrior archetype.
  • His hero power is called Fire your Cannons! It costs two mana and if it kills any minions it’ll refresh.
  • You'll be playing as the new Legendary hero Darius Crowley.

Cannoneer: Card buckets

As you beat each boss in Monster Hunt, you’ll be presented with the choice to accept so-called card buckets. These are stacks of cards with a thematic connection between one another, and allow you to build decks with all kinds of unique interactions.

Cannon Usage

Judging from multiple community discussions on the topic, it seems that taking advantage of Darius' cannon seems to be the way to go. With this in mind, building a deck around the Inspire mechanic and loading it with Rush minions is a great way to complement this cannon-oriented playstyle.

You'll want to look out for cards like Kodorider, Kvaldir Raider and Tuskarr Raider. All of these gain some serious stat buffs or trigger effects that'll do some damage whenever you fire your cannons.

Maiden of the Lake makes your Hero Power cost 1 Mana, so that's another essential card you should be looking out for. Otherwise, Berserker and Attack! Buckets often provide some decent Rush or Charge minions like Leeroy Jenkins, Militia Commander and Frothing Berserker. These'll come in particularly handy when you need to clear the board or lay down even more face damage.

Warcry Buckets can also work well with your Inspire or Berserker minions, and buff them to lethal levels. Dark Iron Dwarf, Ravaging Ghoul and Azure Drake are all strong pick ups.

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Cannoneer: Best Treasures

As you progress through the Hunt, you’ll be offered especially rare, powerful trinkets that’ll give your deck a significant boost in one way or another.

Here's a list of the best Treasures you'll want to equip for the Cannoneer:

  • Dragonfire Ammo: Boosting your cannon's damage by 1 greatly increases the effectiveness of your Hero Power and it'll help your board clear immensely.
  • Entrenchment: A great all-rounder. You can't really go wrong with +2 health for all friendly minions.
  • Grizzled Reinforcement: A 3 Mana, 3/4 that summons an extra cannon - a great combo with other Treasures in this list too.
  • Tactical Reinforcements: Reducing the cost of a random card in your hand by 2 Mana every time you fire your cannon is a fantastic way of setting yourself up for some big turns. It's also got great synergy with Dragonfire Ammo and Grizzled Reinforcement.

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