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Hearthstone deck guide: Firebat's Mech Shaman

How to dominate with this aggressive burst-damage deck.

The Shaman Hero class is seeing a surge in popularity once again, thanks to this insanely effective and aggressive burst deck from well-known Hearthstone player Firebat. One look at the decklist should give you a good idea of how to play this deck: early board control, followed by aggressive and devastating burst damage is the name of the game here. Curve out nicely and your opponent will struggle to get a foothold in the match.

Firebat's Mech Shaman strategy guide

Your Mechwarper allows you to build up a formidable fighting force very early on in the game, and is the one card you want to show up in your opening hand. Make smart trades early on, but avoid over-extending so much that you leave yourself vulnerable to a game-ending board-clearance. It's tough to come back from a total wipeout.

Once you're in the mid to late-game, you have an extraordinarily high number of options for dishing out devastating damage. Take a look at our card combo round-up below, and commit those powerful plays to memory so you get the most bang for each turn's buck.

Firebat's Mech Shaman Mulligan guide

It goes without saying that if you have a Mechwarper in your opening hand, you should go rummaging around for a selection of Mech minions that will curve out nicely in the opening turns. Depending on whether you have The Coin or not, you might also want to think about hanging onto Powermace as well. This can not only help you control the board, but shift the tempo of the match even further thanks to the Deathrattle effect.

We would prefer to see Crackle turn up at a later date, partly to remove the temptation of using it on something unworthy, and you should also throw back Flametongue Totem. The ideal time to play this card is when you have a solid body of minions on the board already, and you want to do some creative board clearing, or push through to victory.

Firebat's Mech Shaman card combos

While this may be a very aggressive burst deck with plenty of options to play with, it still pays to think very carefully about how you combo together your most significant cards. Here's a quick look at some of the most powerful card synergies in Firebat's Mech Shaman deck.

- Powermace naturally combos amazingly well with any of the Mech-class cards in your deck, and you should do anything but spend the second use of this weapon without having at least a feeble Mech on the board.

- Mechwarper is one of your most valuable cards in this deck, and you should use it to build up an aggressive early game. If you can stick it behind the safety of an Annoy-o-Tron, your opponent is in for some extremely low-value turns if they want to deal with it.

- Cogmaster is one of those cards that can do irreparable damage to the tempo of your opponent's game if you can keep it fed with Mechs, and the enemy Hero has no way of getting at it. It's not the most powerful element of this deck, but it can be enormously effective in certain match-ups.

- Don't forget that you can temporarily top up your Doomhammer by applying Rockbiter Weapon to punch through a particularly annoying threats – Taunts will often crumble to this play, and your opponent will rarely see it coming.

- You only have one Tinkertown Technician in this deck, so resist the urge to play it if you can't get the benefit of the buff. Only in the most dire of circumstances should you play this without gaining the benefit of the Battlecry effect.

- Flametongue Totem can turn even the weakest minion into a force to be....well, annoyed by at least, but the synergy with Whirling Zap-o-matic can lead to a particularly devastating scenario for your opponent. Don't forget the power of Rockbiter Weapon when it comes to your Windfury minion either.

- Don't forget that you can boost the removal power of Lava Burst if you either have Azure Drake in play already, or can put both cards into play on turn eight or later.

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