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Hearthstone: Legendary Spells - Cards and Decks

Full details of the Legendary Spells coming to Hearthstone for the very first time.

With this afternoon's announcement of the Boomsday Project, we've also learned that Legendary Spells will be added to Hearthstone for the first time in the game's history. We've had alternative heroes, powerful weapons, but never before have we been able to throw around the most powerful form of spells possible.

Although Blizzard has revealed little information about this new class of cards, our suspicion is that each hero will get its own Legendary Spell card, as well as its own Legendary Scientist card. In this article, we want to highlight everything we current know about the former, even though details are pretty thin on the ground right now.

The proper card reveal season kicks off on 23rd July 2018, at which point we expect to learn a great deal more about Legendary Spells. Until then we've highlighted all of the related cards that have been revealed so far, and we'll add in links to the latest decks when the expansion gets started on August 7th.

Legendary Spell cards

So far only one Legendary Spell card has been revealed and its Myra's Unstable Element. This Rogue card allows you to draw into the rest of your deck - handy in the late-game when you need to out-fuel your opponent and gain an overall advantage nice and quickly.

Here's the card art from the trailer. When we have cleaner official card art, we'll replace the image. We'll also add in freshly revealed Legendary Spell cards as soon as they're revealed.

Legendary Spell decks

It's likely that plenty of decks will want to exploit the power of these cards, and we'll drop links into this section once the expansion begins and our deck guide coverage gets started!

That's the end of the first edition of our Legendary Spells guide. If you want to find out more about the next expansion, make sure you take a look at our core Boomsday Project guide. We've also got information on the pre-order options and a Magnetic guide which covers the new keyword that's coming to Hearthstone.

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