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Hearthstone: Lunara guide - How to unlock the new Druid hero

How to get your hands on Lunara when Year of the Raven begins.

A new - cosmetic only - hero will be added to Hearthstone when the upcoming Year of the Raven kicks off with the launch of Hearthstone's first expansion of 2018.

This time around it's the turn of the Druid to get an alternative hero portrait, and the good news is that you're not going to have to grind a load of nonsense in another Blizzard game, or even splash out some cash to get your hands on her.

She'll be within the grasp of pretty much all players, however casual, thanks to some extremely simple unlocking requirements.

In order to unlock Lunara in Hearthstone, all you'll need to do is win a total of ten games in Standard play, or burn through games in Casual mode. Just note that only games completed after the launch of Year of the Raven will count towards this tally.

It's hard to imagine anyone struggling to rattle off ten games in Standard (although it would have been nice to see Wild get the love as well), and we've all been guilty of using Casual to smash through the odd Daily Quest nice and quickly.

On that note, Daily Quests are also getting a little bit easier to complete as well. Check out our Year of the Raven guide for the lowdown on how rewards are being improved, and how the more time-consuming quests are having some of their requirements toned down.

Back to new heroes for a moment though. Blizzard has confirmed that players will no longer be able to unlock the alternative Rogue hero Maiev once the Year of the Raven begins. You obtain her in exactly the same way you unlock Lunara, so make sure you get those ten games played before the next expansion arrives, presumably in April.

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