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Hearthstone: Magnetic Keyword Guide - Cards and Decks

A list of the Magnetic cards confirmed for the Boomsday Project so far.

When the Boomsday Project was confirmed as Hearthstone's second of expansion of 2018 a little earlier on this month, we learned that a new keyword was coming with the game. Known as Magnetic, it affects the Mech class of minions and gives us a strong indication that the explosive days of the Goblins vs Gnomes era are making a comeback.

How does Magnetic work as a keyword though? In this article, we've gathered together everything we currently know about Magnetic, including a list of the associated cards that have been revealed so far. Expect this to be expanded on considerably once card reveal season gets under way properly on July 23rd.

As new Magnetic cards are confirmed for the Boomsday Project set, we'll add them into this article so you can stay on top of all the latest developments. We'll also be adding details of some of the most prominent Magnetic decks that emerge once the expansion kicks off at the beginning of August.

UPDATE - 18th JULY 2018

A new developer update covering the Magnetic keyword was recently released. We've embedded it right below, along with a breakdown of all of the important information we can take from it.

How do Magnetic cards work?

A week or so after the expansion was first teased, the developers released a video outlining further detail on how the new keyword actually works. We've embedded it for you below, and also included a summary of the main points if you can't watch the video right now.

Watch on YouTube
  • The target Mech gains the extra Attack and Health values of its benefactor, as well as any extra effects and abilities
  • Positioning matters with Magnetic cards. Placing one to the left of the target Mech will cause the fusing to occur. Playing it to the right, however, will not.
  • It was previously called Modular and this keyword underwent a lot of changes. In one version, it provided a Choose One effect where you could attach it to another Mech minion or attach it as a buff. The team considered this to be too clunky though.
  • There will be three classes focusing on Mechs in The Boomsday Project: Hunter, Paladin and Warrior. Magnetic cards will be found in these classes and the Neutral pool.
  • There's a lot of strategy involved in positioning. Do you build a wide board of unattached Mechs to avoid single target removal or silencing? Do you build bigger creatures instead, and to avoid area-of-affect damage?
  • A handful of new cards were also revealed in the video: Wargear, Upgradeable Framebot, Beryllium Nullifier and Zilliax.
  • Magnetic cards tend to have higher Health than Attack, in order to make them sturdier rather than overpowered in terms of burst damage potential.

Magnetic Cards

So far a total of four Magnetic cards have been confirmed for the new expansion. Here's all of them, and we'll add new entries in as and when they're confirmed:

WargearSpider Bomb-Beryllium Nullifier

Magnetic Decks

We expect to see many Magnetic decks once the expansion goes live in August, and we'll add links to the most popular ones in this section as soon as our deck coverage goes live at launch.

The expansion will be released on August 7th 2018. Take a look at our Boomsday Project guide for an in-depth look at everything we know about the upcoming card set.

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