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Hearthstone: Monster Hunt launch times - US, UK, Europe and Asia

Here’s when Monster Hunt goes live, wherever you live in the world!

The Witchwood’s single-player Monster Hunt mode is frightfully close and it’s set to expand further on what made the previous Dungeon Run mode so addictive. This time you’ll play as four distinct hunters with their own unique hero powers, and face terrifying new bosses that’ll only get more challenging as you progress through each attempt.

YUou won’t be going on a Monster Hunt without some help along the way, of course. Defeat bosses and you’ll earn exciting new Treasures and unique Card Buckets that’ll power up your deck. Expect plenty of surprising encounters and a final boss fight that requires all four hunters to team up - we can’t wait to get stuck in.

When does Monster Hunt go live though? Thanks to Blizzard's official announcement, we’ll be getting a simultaneous global release that’ll unlock the mode for everyone at the same time.

BREAKING: Our essential Monster Hunt guide contains everything you need to know about the new content and will be updated with tips and tricks for beating every encounter!

Monster Hunt: Launch Times

Here’s what time Monster Hunt will be launching in your region.

Do bear in mind that the times below are given as the time the rollout should be finished by, so it’s possible there’s a little regional staggering to take into consideration as the servers are updated.

  • Americas: April 26th - 10:00AM PDT
  • Europe: April 26th - 7:00PM CEST
  • Asia: April 27th - 2:00AM KST/ 1:00AM CST
  • China: April 27th - 6:00AM CST

For a sneak preview of what’s in store, make sure you watch the Hearthside Chat video we’ve embedded down below. It’ll give you a pretty good taste of what’s to come later this evening.

Cover image for YouTube videoHearthside Chat: Monster Hunt

We’ll be updating our existing Monster Hunt guide over the next few days with tips on all the bosses, Card Buckets and Treasures. We’ve also got separate hero guides for the Cannoneer, Houndmaster, Time-Tinker and Tracker, so do get those bookmarked for specific strategy advice too!

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