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Hearthstone NA Winter Prelims 2016 - Fibonacci decks

All four decks used by Fibonacci in this weekend's matches.

The 2016 NA Winter Prelims concluded this weekend, with Fibonacci emerging victorious from his match-up against Athan to advance through to the top eight. He used an interesting selection of decks to make it through his matches, and a few of these decks contained some equally interested tweaks to the standard formulae.

Demon Handlock - NA Winter Prelims 2016

Fibonacci brought a pretty standard Demon Handlock deck to this fight, although we still see versions that don't include Brann Bronzebeard. Most interesting of all is the inclusion of a Faceless Manipulator though. Have a look at our Demon Handlock guide for a little more information on how to play this kind of deck.

Control Warrior - NA Winter Prelims 2016

Fibonacci is known in particular for his mastery of the Control Warrior, so it's no surprise to see him bring this archetype to the fight. What is interesting is the way it's been tweaked to include a Deathwing of all things. We'll be keeping a close eye on this deck in the weeks ahead to see if this monstrous addition becomes part of standard play. In the meantime, check out our general Control Warrior guide for play tips.

Malygos Freeze Mage - NA Winter Prelims 2016

The Malygos-flavour of Freeze Mage is slowly gaining greater and greater popularity in the Hearthstone metagame. It requires an even steadier nerve to play than the vanilla version of the deck archetype, as you absolutely must keep those spells for face damage. If you're completely new to Freeze Mage, try the original first. If you're ready to step up to this new version, have a look through our Malygos Freeze Mage guide.

Midrange Druid - NA Winter Prelims 2016

Of all the decks Fibonacci packed for the NA Winter Prelims, it's the Midrange Druid that featured the least surprises. It's an extremely standard version of the classic archetype, with all the finishers you'd expect to see. Have a look at our Midrange Druid guide for more details on playing this deck to perfection.

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