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Hearthstone opens the Tombs Of Terror on September 17th

A new singleplayer Adventure

Blizzard have announced they plan to crack open a cold one (a tomb) with the boys (the League Of Explorers) on September 17th with the launch of Hearthstone's next singleplayer adventure, the Tombs Of Terror. As is the way of Adventures, it'll send us through a gauntlet of battles and building our deck with new cards and new powers along the way. This time, it's the Plague Lords we'll be giving a kicking - and we'll be multiclassing as we do it.

We'll venture into the Tombs Of Terror a League Of Explorer hero, each of whom has cards and powers from two classes. Elise Starseeker is a Priest/Druid, Brann Bronzebeard a Warrior/Hunter, Sir Finley Mrrglton a Paladin/Shaman, and Reno Jackson a Rogue/Mage. Here's Hearthstone game designer Ryan Collins to explain how it all works:

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The Tombs Of Terror will open on September 17th, with the first chapter sending us into the Lost City Of The Tol'vir to duff up a Murloc Plague Lord as Reno Jackson. The second, third, and forth chapters will follow over several weeks, beating up a new Plague Lord with a new hero then leading into a final battle. While decks we build are ephemeral, only used for that run, the permanent rewards are bonus card packs.

Only the first chapter will be free. The other three can be unlocked for 700 in-game gold or $7 real money, or it's £17/$15 (excuse me, exchange rates?) for them all in a bundle.

I don't really play Hearthstone but I do swing by to check out the Adventures. I like the dungeon crawl format, the weird directions decks with rule-changing treasures, so sure I'll go wreck some fishmen for free.

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