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Hearthstone: Overkill Keyword guide

Everything you need to know about Hearthstone's new keyword.

The next Hearthstone expansion - Rastakhan's Rumble - will be released on December 4th, and when it arrives it will introduce a new keyword to the game called Overkill.

The way Overkill works is pretty simple. If you do more damage to a minion than is required to kill it, you'll gain a special bonus effect. This effect might allow you to attack again, for example, and we're expecting there to be a number of different effects in play.

In the second edition of our Overkill guide, we've got a breakdown of all the cards that have been confirmed to have this mechanic so far. As new cards are revealed, we'll drop them in here with all the detail you need to know about them.

At the time of publishing this article we've only seen a handful of cards in this category, but we're expecting to see at least a few more in the coming weeks. When we do, we'll add the extra info in right here.

UPDATE - 10th December 2018

We've updated this article with all the latest Overkill cards that feature in the Rastakhan's Rumble set. This can now be used as a permanent, feature-complete reference article.

Hearthstone: Overkill cards

Here's a complete list of every Rastakhan's Rumble Overkill card.

  • Common - Druid - Ironhide Direhorn
  • Common - Hunter - Baited Arrow
  • Common - Shaman - Totemic Smash
  • Common - Neutral - Gurubashi Chicken
  • Common - Neutral - Half-Time Scavenger
  • Common - Neutral - Sightless Ranger
  • Common - Neutral - Ticket Scalper
  • Rare - Paladin - Farraki Battleaxe
  • Rare - Neutral - Arena Patron
  • Epic - Mage - Blast Wave
  • Epic - Warrior - Sul'thraze
  • Epic - Neutral - Linecracker
  • Legendary - Warrior - Akali, the Rhino
  • Legendary - Neutral - Oondasta

Take a look at our main Rastakhan's Rumble guide for all the latest information on the next Hearthstone expansion. Our Rumble Run guide also contains everything we know about the new single-player content.

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