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Hearthstone: Rumble Run - Passive Treasures list

Details of all nine of the Passive Treasures in the new single-player content

Hearthstone's Rumble Run single-player content is due to be launched very shortly, and when it goes live you'll once again have to work through a series of tricky boss encounters if you want to claim your new cosmetic card back.

Although you'll start off with just a handful of cards, you'll be able to increase your deck size by beating each boss. From time to time you'll also be offered a choice of Passive Treasures, which provide a permanent boost to your deck strength in every fight.

In the first edition of our guide to the Passive Treasures of Rumble Run, we've got an overview of all the options that have been datamined so far. Once we've had a chance to play the new mode, we'll add insight about the best Passive Treasures to pick for your deck.

If you've any tips of your own on making these choices, sign up and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Head over to our core Rumble Run guide if you'd like more help beating all the bosses.

  • Boon Reaper: Your Shrines have "Deathrattle: Draw cards until your hand is full"
  • Sacred Ritual: Your Shrines have "Your spells cost (1) less
  • Everlasting Devotion: Start the game with a copy of your Shrine
  • Favor of the Gods: Minions adjacent to your Shrines have Taunt
  • Fortified Spirit: At the start of each turn, restore your Shrines to full Health
  • Pact with the Loa: Your Shrines revive in 2 turns in stead of 3
  • Roaring Edifice: Your Shrines have "Deathrattle: Cards in your hand cost (2) less
  • Windfall Blessing: Your Shrines have "Deathrattle: Give minions in your deck +1 / +1
  • Wrath of the Loas: Your Shrines have "Deathrattle: Destroy all enemy Shrines"

That's the complete list of Passive Treasures available in Rumble Run, then, but which are the best to choose in any given attempt? That's a decision that's going to be affected a great deal by the kind of deck you build as you make your way through Rumble Run.

Once we've had a chance to play the new single player content for ourselves, we'll be bringing you some insight about which Passive Treasures best lend themselves to particular deck strategies.

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