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Hearthstone: Tess Greymane Tracker guide - Best cards, treasures and equipment (Monster Hunt)

Everything you need to know about Monster Hunt's Tracker hero in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone's Monster Hunt adventure is now live and it's a fresh twist on the awesome Dungeon Run content that launched with last December's Kobolds and Catacombs expansion.

There are new bosses to tackle, new cards to collect as you build your deck bucket by bucket, and a fresh chunk of powerful artifacts to pick up which will provide you with a serious edge in each encounter.

This time around there are four unique heroes to play with in this mode. Where Dungeon Run allowed you to pick any of Hearthstone's nine classes, Monster Hunt heroes have been hand-crafted for the challenge at hand.

One of these four characters is called the Tracker, and in this article we wanted to highlight everything's that you need to know about her.

We're in the process of udpating this guide with all the best strategy advice, so bear with us over the next few days as we put it all together! We'll be throwing in loads of information about crafting the best Tracker deck, choosing the most powerful treasures, and just generally kicking a lot of backside in the backwaters of Gilneas.

For help with bosses, make sure you take a look through our main Monster Hunt guide!

Tracker FAQ

  • The Tracker is styled very much on Hearthtone's Rogue hero.
  • She has a Hero Power called Scavenge. This costs two Mana and allows her to discover a class spell that's has been played earlier on in the game.
  • The artwork released for the Tracker suggests that she's based on new Rogue Legendary card Tess Greymane.

Other Monster Hunt guides

Tracker: Card buckets

As you beat each encounter in Monster Hunt, you'll be presented with so-called card buckets. These are clusters of cards with a thematic connection to one another, allowing you to build a random deck that has at least some kind of consistency running through it.

Jade Shurikens

So far, it seems the best cards you'll want to select are all Jade themed. This'll grant you Jade Shuriken, Jade Spirit, Aya Blackpaw and more.

Playing Jade Shuriken early, tapping your Hero Power and clearing enemy minions will build your board with Jade Golems that are only getting stronger with each turn.

It's then a case of dropping your bigger Jade cards into the mix and using Gang up on them as often as possible. Tap your Hero Power to use Shurikens or create further copes of Gang Up, and you've got yourself an endless stream of Golem-goodness.

Tracker: Best Treasures

As you work through the monster list, you'll occasionally have the option to choose particularly powerful trinkets and upgrades that provide an overall boost to your deck.

Here's a list of some of the strongest Treasures we've encountered for Tess so far:

  • Cult of the Wolf: Allows you to use your Hero Power twice a turn, and it costs (1) each time. This'll allow you to steal spells from opponents and set up some terrifying combos.
  • Sticky Fingers: This makes all the cards you've stolen cost (1) less, which is fantastic when coupled with your Hero Power. Couple this with cards stolen with Blink Fox and Gang Up and you've got yourself some serious tools to work with.

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