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Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Guide

UPDATED 16th August - Our overhauled guide now highlights meta-busting decks for every hero!

The Boomsday Project came as something of a surprise when the first details started popping up in July. Ahead of the first announcement, a YouTube video went live a little earlier than expected and so we learned that Hearthstone's next card set would be based around the lab experiments of the dastardly Dr. Boom.

Since the expansion itself was launched back on the 7th August, we've been busy updating and creating a huge roster of deck guides that will help you get ahead of the competition on the ladder. After the quick expansion overview just below, you'll find our pick of the very best decks to play in the new meta.

Beneath that you'll find details of all the new cards that have been added to the game with the release of Boomsday. Enjoy!

Expansion Overview

First up, here's a quick outline of the headline stuff you need to know about:

  • Release Date: The expansion will be released on August 7th 2018.
  • Legendary Spells: Legendary Spells are being added to the game for the first time in Hearthstone's history.
  • New Keyword: A new keyword called Magnetic is being added to the game. You can play these cards as normal, or fuse them with an active Mech to combine their stats (Think of the Hunter's Death Knight hero power in this sense.
  • Pre-order:There are two pre-purchase options. The Regular Bundle contains 50 card packs, the expansion card back and a random Golden Legendary card. The Mega Bundle will contain the same as the Regular Bundle but also include 30 more packs and the Mecha-Jaraxxus Warlock hero.
  • Single Player:More single player content is coming! The Puzzle Lab will see players attempting to solve a number of challenges split across four different categories. Our Puzzle Lab Guide has the full lowdown.

Boomsday Decks

We're in the process of updating Metabomb's deck guides now that all the cards have been revealed. More will be added in time, but for now here are all of the new and returning decks you need to know about:


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Only Mecha'thun Warrior provides a truly new flavour on the experimental side of things, and it's a good deal trickier to pull off than it is with other heroes.

Experimental Decks

If you're up for the Whizbang challenge, our Whizbang the Wonderful deck list guide contains every Deck Recipe along with combo tips.

New Cards

Druid cards - The Boomsday Project

Biology ProjectDendrologistJuicy PsychmelonFloop's Glorious Gloop
LandscapingTending TaurenDreampetal FloristFlobbidinous Floop
Gloop SprayerMulchmuncher--

Hunter cards - The Boomsday Project

Secret PlanCybertech ChipGoblin PrankBoommaster Flark
Bomb TossFireworks TechNecromechanicFlark's Boom-Zooka
VenomizerSpider Bomb--

Mage cards - The Boomsday Project

Shooting StarAstral RiftAstromancerStargazer Luna
Research ProjectCelestial EmissaryUnexpected ResultsLuna's Pocket Galaxy
Cosmic AnomalyMeteorologist--

Paladin cards - The Boomsday Project

Autodefense MatrixCrystologyPrismatic LensCrystalsmith Kangor
Glow-TronAnnoy-o-ModuleGlowstone TechnicianKangor's Endless Army
Mechano-EggShrink Ray--

Priest cards - The Boomsday Project

Topsy TurvyTest SubjectPower Word: ReplicateZerek, Master Cloner
Cloning DeviceExtra ArmsReckless ExperimenterZerek's Cloning Gallery
Dead RingerOmega Medic--

Rogue cards - The Boomsday Project

Lab RecruiterPogo-HopperAcademic EspionageMyra Rotspring
Violet HazeNecrium BladeNecrium VialMyra's Unstable Element
Crazed ChemistBlightnozzle Crawler-

Shaman cards - The Boomsday Project

Beakered LightningVoltaic BurstOmega MindElectra Stormsurge
Elementary ReactionStorm ChaserThunderheadThe Storm Bringer
Menacing NimbusEureka!--

Warlock cards - The Boomsday Project

Demonic ProjectSoul InfusionOmega AgentThe Soularium
Spirit BombVoid AnalystEctomancyDr. Morrigan
Doubling ImpNethersoul Buster--

Warrior cards - The Boomsday Project

Eternium RoverOmega AssemblySupercolliderDr. Boom, Mad Genius
Rocket BootsDyn-o-maticBeryllium NullifierThe Boomship
Weapons ProjectSecurity Rover--

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius provides the Warrior with a new Hero Power which swaps around between the five options each turn. This happens on the opponent's turn so they can allow for its impact. You also can't get the same Hero Power twice in a row, and the card will not be draftable in Arena.

  • Blast Shield
  • Delivery Drone
  • Micro-Squad
  • Zap Cannon

Neutral cards - The Boomsday Project

Faithful LumiGalvanizerCrystallizerHarbinger Celestia
MecharooSpark EngineAugmented ElekkWhizbang the Wonderful
SkaterbotUnpowered MaulerOmega DefenderSubject 9
Cloakscale ChemistReplicating MenaceWeaponized PinataZilliax
ToxicologistGiggling InventorE.M.P. OperativeMecha'thun
Upgradeable FramebotArcane DynamoHolomancer
WhirligliderMechanical WhelpLoose Specimen
BrainstormerMissile LauncherSeaforium Bomber
Bronze GatekeeperSpark DrillStar Aligner
Kaboom Bot
Microtech Controller
Spring Rocket
Coppertail Imposter
Piloted Reaper
Steel Rager
Rusty Recycler
Damaged Stegotron
Bull Dozer

New Keyword: Magnetic

There will be a new keyword in The Boomsday Project called Magnetic. You can play a Magnetic card on its own but if you have a Mech class of minion on the board you can fuse them together to create a more powerful creature.

If you want to fused a Magnetic Mech to another Mech, place it to the left of the target. If you want them to remain separate, place it to the right.

Project Cards

Project cards are special spell cards which provide both players with the benefit granted by the card. Here are all of the Project cards that have been confirmed for the Boomsday set:

  • Druid - Biology Project
  • Mage - Research Project
  • Warlock - Demonic Project
  • Warrior - Weapons Project

Omega Cards

Omega Cards are a new kind of Hearthstone card which are relatively powerful in their own right, but gain an added effect if you play them when you have 10 Mana Crystals. Here's Omega Defender to give you an idea of how this works in practise:

Here's the full list of Omega cards:

  • Neutral - Omega Defender
  • Priest - Omega Medic
  • Shaman - Omega Mind
  • Warlock - Omega Agent
  • Warrior - Omega Assembly

Legendary Scientist Cards

A series of Legendary Scientists are being added with the Boomsday Project. These represent the unique class Legendary minions that feature in each set.

  • Druid - Flobbidinous Floop
  • Hunter - Boommaster Flark
  • Mage - Stargazer Luna
  • Paladin - Crystalsmith Kangor
  • Priest - Zerek, Master Cloner
  • Rogue - Myra Rotspring
  • Shaman - Electra Stormsurge
  • Warlock - Dr. Morrigan
  • Warrior - Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

Legendary Spells

For the first time in Hearthstone's history, Legendary Spells are being added to the game.

Here's the complete list of who's getting what in terms of supercharged spells:

  • Druid - Floop's Glorious Gloop
  • Hunter - Flark's Boom-Zooka
  • Mage - Luna's Pocket Galaxy
  • Paladin - Kangor's Endless Army
  • Priest - Zerek's Cloning Gallery
  • Rogue - Myra's Unstable Element
  • Shaman - The Storm Bringer
  • Warlock - The Soularium
  • Warrior - The Boomship

New Game Board

As you'd expect from a new expansion, a new game board is also being added to Hearthstone! Here's how it looks:

New Warlock Hero: MECHA-JARAXXUS

If you pre-order the Mega Bundle for The Boomsday Project you'll receive a new Warlock Hero portrait: MECHA-JARAXXUS! Here's some supporting artwork.

Pre Order Card Back

Take advantage of either of the pre-order bundles and you'll receive the associated card back. Here's how it looks:


Here's the announcement trailer that was released earlier on today, which revealed all of this information:

Cover image for YouTube videoHearthstone: Announcing The Boomsday Project

Later in the evening the official announcement trailer also went live on the official Hearthstone YouTube channel:

Cover image for YouTube videoHearthstone: The Boomsday Project Trailer

That ends the first edition of our Boomsday Project guide. We'll be back with more details as soon as they're confirmed by the devs. We're just in the process of sorting out card art for the reveals and will add that in shortly.

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