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Hearthstone Tombs of Terror - How to use all the Signature Treasures

All the info you need to make the most of the new treasures.

This is our Tombs of Terror Signature Treasure guide, where we’ll walk you through the best ways to use each one of the League of Explorers’ Signature Treasures. Of course, we’d encourage you to give them all a go, as they’re brilliantly designed and great fun to play around with.

Remember that your Signature Treasures count as cards in your deck that interact with Bazaar Bob! Pick up a minion and you’ll have the chance to buff or duplicate it. Grab a spell and you’ll be able to give yourself a solid discount. Every decision you make impacts your adventure, so think ahead and consider every possible option.

Hearthstone Tombs of Terror Signature Treasures Explained

Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror have brought us Signature Treasures, special cards unique to each hero that offer powerful advantages against your enemies. You pick them at the very beginning of your run, and from there build your deck, usually in a way that maximises your chosen Treasure’s utility.

Below, we’ve compiled a guide for each and every Signature Treasure, with a few tips on how best to utilise them. The Treasure you choose is with you for your entire run, and pairing it with your desired playstyle each time is massively important. If you want to know how to unlock each Treasure, then we’ve got our Tombs of Terror Unlocks Guide for that!

Reno's Signature Treasures

Reno's Lucky Hat is a basic buff spell gives a minion +2/+2 and Spell Damage +2. At 1 mana, it’s clearly a powerful ability, but it can be difficult to get a solid amount of value from this card.

  • This spell is just 1 mana, so it’ll often be worth just playing it on curve, especially against early bosses.
  • Mage and Rogue have access to a whole host of low-cost damage spells, such as Sinister Strike and Arcane Missiles. A cheap +2 Spell Damage goes a long way to boosting these spells’ value.
  • The Spell Damage is also extremely useful alongside area-of-effect damage spells. Blizzard, Flamestrike and Blast Wave are all massively powerful when given a +2 damage buff so cheaply.

Reno's Crafty Lasso is a weapon that brings out Reno Jackson’s roguish nature. A 2 mana 3/2 weapon, it’s just like a pre-nerf Fiery War Axe. In a far more ludicrously overpowered turn though, Reno is able to steal a card from your enemy’s hand with each attack.

  • This weapon is most useful as a disruption tool, as many bosses require specific cards to ruin your day, such as K’Zrath’s Psychic Scream.
  • The value generated can’t be overstated either though. Often, particularly against the tougher late-game bosses, you’ll run out of fuel, so nabbing their cards can provide an important swing.
  • Given that Reno's Crafty Lasso is just 2 mana, you’ll often be able to stifle enemies out of games before they’ve even got started by playing it early on and stealing their opening plays.

Reno's Magical Torch deals 4 damage for 2 mana. Pretty good value. Where this treasure comes into its own though is through its Combo effect. If you play another card previous to the Torch, you’ll shuffle a copy into your deck that deals 6 damage. This copy has the same Combo, so you can keep repeating the effect and end up with a big, chunky torch that can keep burning your foe in the face. Just don’t forget the Combo - if you miss out on it, you’ll lose the Torch for the rest of the battle. Of course, managing to discount Reno’s Magical Torch in Bartender Bob’s inn using The Upper Hand and the like, as a 0 mana burn spell that keeps on regenerating is extremely powerful.

  • Each copy of Reno's Magical Torch retains the same Combo text, so you can get yourself a big, scary spell if games start to drag on.
  • Remember that if you miss out on the Combo, you’ll lose Reno's Magical Torch for the whole rest of the match!
  • Bazaar Bob is superb for this kind of spell. Using The Upper Hand or Take a Chance, you could well end up with a completely free, effectively unlimited source of damage. If you upgrade it enough, it’s an inevitable win condition.

Sr. Tomb Diver is an incredibly valuable minion to have at your disposal. Perfectly balanced as a 4 mana 7/7, the real power comes from her Battlecry. If you’ve played 3 Secrets this game, she changes your Hero Power to ‘discover a Treasure’. A hugely strong ability if you can play those Secrets early, we’ll have a comprehensive Treasures guide up once we know their power level!

  • Jr. Tomb Diver requires you to play 6 Secrets for this Hero Power upgrade, as well as being an unbalanced 4 mana 5/5 rather than 7/7. Even so, the ability is strong enough that Jr. Tomb Diver is well worth a try.
  • It should go without saying that you should try to draft a Secret-based deck when using either Tomb Diver, but just in case it doesn’t, we’re saying it. Secret Traps is a decent starting deck, as you have access to both Mage and Rogue Secrets.
  • After you trigger this card’s Battlecry, you’ll want to be pressing that button every single turn.

Lei Flamepaw is an interesting one. It’s not the most immediately obscene signature treasure compared to some of the others, but since you pick your treasures at the very start of your adventure, it can be incredibly powerful. For a 2 mana 2/6, Lei grants you the ability to double-cast every single spell whilst the minion is on board, with the exact same target as your original cast.

  • Lei Flamepaw somewhat mirrors the effect of Archmage Vargoth, although it’s far more controllable.
  • Rogue’s array of buffing spells like Cold Blood work great on Lei, letting you double up on making your minions stronger. Keep an eye out for these cards in the selection stage.
  • Direct damage spells are available for both Rogue and Mage, meaning Lei Flamepaw can vastly increase the utility of these spells for a giant spike of damage to your foe’s face.
  • Any Treasures you pick up can be duplicated with Lei Flamepaw too, so keep that in mind when selecting.

The Gatling Wand deals 3 damage split randomly among all enemies, just like Arcane Missiles, for 5 mana. Sounds rubbish, but it does upgrade by 1 damage for each spell you’ve cast so far, meaning you can really ramp up this treasure’s damage output with a spell-heavy deck. Reno being both a Mage and Rogue is hugely important for this too, as you’ll be able to ramp up the damage numbers with their glut of cheap spells. The perfect finisher for a lot of these bosses.

  • Pick up as many cheap spells as possible on your deckbuilding journey. Your Gatling Wand is only as powerful as the spells you’ve cast, so getting lots of cheap ones is worth it.
  • The Gatling Wand is a great finisher for a lot of these bosses, so as soon as you see that damage total rise up to lethal, then let it rip.

Finley's Signature Treasures

Finley's Pith Helmet is a 2 mana spell that gives all of your minions +2 Health, and shuffles itself back into your deck.

  • Don’t worry about using this card on just one or two friendly minions. If it helps you make valuable trades and stay ahead on board it’s worth it.
  • You’ll get Finley's Pith Helmet back upon drawing it again, so casting it immediately isn’t the be all and end all of this card. It’s also a great anti-fatigue tool if the game gets really long.
  • At just 2 mana, you should be able to weave this card into larger turns later in the game, filling out a wide board and making it extremely difficult to handle.

Maxwell, Mighty Steed is a 3 mana 3/5 Rush and Reborn Beast who gains +2 attack for each minion in play. It’s a tough minion to pilot, since you only get one copy, but the Reborn ability gives you some extra survivability to potentially go face with it..

  • Bazaar Bob is Maxwell’s best friend. Buffing this guy, or even shuffling more copies into your deck, is super strong and you should look to do this at every Bob encounter.
  • Maxwell’s Reborn ability gives him some extra survivability, and his attack power remains the same. If the enemy can’t get rid of Maxwell’s sticky self, then a whole lot of damage could be heading their way.
  • Think carefully about your action order when playing with Maxwell. All minions are taken into account, both yours and your opponents, so don’t kill enemy minions if you want to make a big hit with Maxwell. Similarly, you might want to play out your tokens prior to smashing their face for a big wedge of damage.

Truesilver Lance is a 3 mana 5/1 weapon with Lifesteal. Where its true power comes into play is with its Overload synergy however, gaining +2 Durability each time you Overload while the Lance is equipped. This means you’ll be able to gain a whole bunch of life without fear of losing your weapon unless one of your enemies RNGs into weapon removal. This works extremely well alongside Finley’s Bubble Blower Hero Power, which Discovers you a Battlecry minion and Overloads you for 1, giving you a reliable way to keep your Truesilver Lance in pristine condition.

  • This card synergises brilliantly with Finley’s Bubble Blower Hero Power. Strong enough on its own, discovering you a Battlecry minion, alongside the Truesilver Lance it’s massively powerful, giving you the liberty to whack enemies for a consistent source of damage.
  • Overloading should be easy if you’re looking for those kinds of cards when choosing between rounds. With enough Overload, you’ll be in no fear of losing your Truesilver Lance, as enemy weapon removal is rare.
  • Mighty Morphing is a decent starting deck with this card, as it offers you some Overload synergy in Feral Spirit, as well as Eternal Sentinel removing your Overload disadvantage.

Sr. Scout shoots you through the early bosses. A 3 mana 6/6 with Charge and Windfury is disgustingly powerful, and the fact that it blasts a random enemy minion for 6 damage every turn means that often the enemy will just not be able to deal with it.

  • The Jr. version of this card is a 3 mana 4/4 that deals 4 damage to a random enemy minion. Still absurdly strong, but obviously less helpful in some situations.
  • Look to buff your Sr. Scout with Bartender Bob, as well as adding in extra copies to your deck.
  • Don’t forget about the minion damage that Sr. Scout deals at the end of your turn! We kept wasting one of our attacks on minions by accident. It’s easy to get drunk on this kind of power.
  • This card isn’t going to carry you through the later bosses given their high health totals, but it’s still massively powerful and the burst damage available is still important to decide a lot of fights.

Karl the Lost, brother to George the Fallen from the Dalaran Heist, is here to save the day. Apparently he’s looking for someone. This 5 mana 6/6 minion will summon 6 Silver Hand Recruits and give all your minions Taunt and Divine Shield.

  • 12/12 in stats for 5 mana is huge, especially if they all have Taunt and Divine Shield.
  • Remember that Karl grants your existing minions Taunt and Divine Shield too, so if you’ve got a big minion already on board then don’t waste this chance.
  • Play your other minions before playing Karl. He fills up your board with 1/1s, and you’ll be stuck if you want to add any more stuff onto your side of the battlefield.

The 4 mana spell Scales of Justice is a wild one. It transforms all minions on board into 1/1 Murlocs, whilst filling your hand with random Murlocs that cost 0 mana.

  • This card is huge against Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs, and can sweep through him with relative ease thanks to your plethora of 0 cost Murlocs.
  • This is something of a get-out-of-jail card for the late game, offering you the chance to swiftly weaken enemy boards and build a big board of your own.
  • Build your deck around Murloc synergies, starting with Murloc Crusade and looking to improve it from there.

Elise’s Signature Treasures

Starseeker’s Tools

Starseeker’s Tools, for 2 mana, lets you Discover a minion and a spell, which are both discounted by 2 mana.

  • This isn’t a flashy, ‘win the game’ Signature Treasure, but it’ll help you out of a jam more often than not.
  • Starseeker’s Tools is only as good as you are. Picking the right Discover option for your situation is vital, and taking into account the discounted cost you can set yourself up for big future turns.
  • You can get an early on-board advantage with this, or save it until the late game and find a big, expensive card to save the day.

Elise’s Machete

Elise’s Machete is a 3 mana 3/3 weapon that summons two 2/2 treants with Rush every time you swing it. A must-have for a trailblazing explorer, this weapon is enormously useful when trying to fight for board control. Often in Hearthstone’s single-player content, things will get tough if you lose the board, but Elise’s Machete is there to bring you right back into the game.

  • On board value is the name of the game here. Each swing of Elise’s Machete represents 7 potential damage to enemy minions, helping you win board control early.
  • There’s a lot of Treant synergy here, and if you can get a Mulchmuncher into your deck you’ll be having a grand old time.
  • Don’t worry about using Elise’s Machete on an empty board - 3 damage and 4/4 worth of stats can set you up nicely for future turns.


Addarah is the kind of card design that shows exactly why Hearthstone’s single-player modes are necessary. An effect like this, combining Entomb and Psychic Scream, would feel so awful to play against, but these Plague Lords deserve every bit of that pain to be honest. They’re literally the embodiment of evil. This 3 mana 3/6 which shuffles all enemy minions into your deck when played essentially resets the enemy board.

  • Addarah is best used when you’re up against a whole bunch of strong minions ready to take you down. It’s best to save this Battlecry until then.
  • Remember: these minions end up in your deck, and no one wants to keep drawing into rubbish tiny minions. Keep this potential drawback in mind when playing Addarah.

Sr. Navigator

A 3 mana 2/10, Sr. Navigator is a value-generating behemoth. Whenever you target Sr. Navigator with a spell, 2 copies get added to your hand, which is kind of ridiculous. Of course, there’s always the risk of overfilling your hand, but Sr. Navigator represents an exciting kind of gameplay.

  • The Jr. version of this card has the exact same effect, but is a 2 mana 1/5, making it significantly less likely to stay alive early on.
  • Buff cards are amazing on Sr. Navigator, allowing her to stay alive longer and generate infinite value as long as she does stay alive. If you get offered Divine Spirit and Inner Fire, do not pass it up.
  • Damage cards are equally important to Sr. Navigator. If you’ve got some kind of Spell Damage combo in your hand, you can play Holy Smite on your Sr. Navigator and get an extra copy in hand each time. We’re looking forward to some ridiculous combos from streamers with this one.
  • With Elise’s Starseeker Hero Power, which adds a Moonfire to your hand for every 2 spells you cast in a turn, you won’t even have to build your deck around this - cheap damage spells will come your way regardless.

Academic Research

Academic Research is a 0 mana ramp spell. You draw it at the start of the game and it gives you 1 permanent Mana Crystal, but upgrades by 1 Mana Crystal each time a friendly minion is killed. Given that you’ll always have this at the start of your game, you can use it in different ways. For early bosses, it might be a solid idea to leave it in hand for a couple of turns and gain 2 or 3 Mana Crystals to gain a tempo boost on your enemy. However, against the Plague Lords and other strong foes you’ll find late in your run, you might want to wait until this thing has upgraded to 10 mana, which would essentially give you the opportunity for huge 20-mana swing turns. Of course, every Tombs of Terror run is different, but the sheer versatility of this card and the consistency with which it’s drawn means you’ll usually be able to tailor its use for the specific boss encounter you’re dealing with.

  • You draw Academic Research at the start of the game, so don’t keep it in your mulligan.
  • The Mana Crystals you get are permanent, meaning you’re able to use them on the turn you cast the spell and they ramp you to higher mana levels for later on.
  • There’s a lot of versatility at play with this card. You can ramp up early to try to snatch a quick victory, or you could save it for a giant 20 mana turn later on in the game.
  • Every Tombs of Terror run is different, so you’ll need to use your best discretion with this one. Our best advice is that if it looks like Academic Research can help you win if you use it now, then do it. Pretty basic, but don’t get greedy.

Staff of Renewal

The 7 mana Staff of Renewal gives a frightening level of consistency to Priest’s resurrect effects. Raising the 7 highest-cost friendly minions that have died this game from the dead means you can target the strongest and most frightening fighters on your side. After all, you’d almost always much rather resurrect Sneed’s Old Shredder or Tyrantus than a Northshire Cleric. Staff of Renewal is well and truly a finisher, so save it until your resurrection pool is as strong as it’s going to be and hopefully your enemy will have run out of answers by killing those minions the first time around.

  • You’d always rather a Sneed’s Old Shredder or Tyrantus get resurrected instead of an Enchanted Raven, so the controlled nature of this card will allow you to whack up a massive wall of powerful minions without fear of whiffing.
  • As you draft your deck throughout the run, focus on big minions. Scepter of Summoning is a great Passive ability to draft as it’ll allow you to get your big minions on board early as their costs are reduced to 5.
  • Hopefully, after your enemy has had to deal with your big minions the first time around, the Staff of Renewal will prove too much. It’s a win condition provided you set it up well.

We'll keep updating our Signature Treasures throughout the Tombs of Terror release schedule. Check out our Tombs of Terror Guide hub for more help through the dusty desert!

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