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Hearthstone: Unidentified Items guide - Elixir, Weapon and Shield

Everything you need to know about the special new items coming to Hearthstone this December.

As we all know by now, the next expansion for Hearthstone is called Kobolds and Catacombs and will be released at some currently unknown point at the start of December. In addition to adding a whole new heap of cards to the game, the expansion will also introduce a new kind of card to the game called Unidentified Items.

The idea is that certain aspects of these cards will be fixed and dependable across every game you play, but you won't know the secondary effect until the card is drawn from your deck pile and popped into your hand. We know that there will be Unidentified Elixirs, Shields and Weapons, but so far we've only seen the Elixir and the Weapon.

In our Unidentified Items guide, we'll run you through everything that's currently known about both of these items.

Unidentified Elixir

The Unidentified Elixir is a Priest card that costs 3 Mana to cost and grants a minion +2 / +2. That's the bit that you'll always be able to depend on, but there's a secondary effect that you won't be aware of until the card's actually in your hand, ready to play.

Here are the options that you might draw into with this particular card:

  • Elixir of Life. Give a minion +2 / +2 and Lifesteal.
  • Elixir of Shadows. Give a minion +2 / +2 and Summon a 1 / 1 copy of it.
  • Elixir of Purity: Give a minion +2 / +2 and Divine Shield.
  • Elixir of Hope: Give a minion +2 / +2 and Deathrattle: Return this minion to your hand.

Unidentified Maul

The Unidentified Maul is a 3 Mana 2 / 2 Paladin weapon that will have one of four bonus effects added to it when the weapon is drawn into your hand.

Here are all four options:

  • Purifier's Maul - Battlecry: Give your minions Divine Shield
  • Sacred Maul - Battlecry: Give your minions Taunt
  • Champion's Maul - Battlecry: Summon two 1 / 1 Silver Hand Recruits
  • Blessed Maul - Give your minions +1 Attack

Unidentified Maul decks:

Although there's an air of mystery about these cards, it's reassuring to know that the effects are least always beneficial, and so it's simply a case of making the best choice in any given situation. In that sense it's a bit like the Adapt mechanic that was introduced with Journey to Un'Goro back in April this year.

That's all we have for now, but we'll update this guide with details of the Unidentified Shield card as soon as Blizzard releases it.

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