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Hearthstone: Venture into the Wild guide - Best deck, tips and tactics

How to grab your first win nice and quickly in this week's special Wild Brawl.

A new Hearthstone Tavern Brawl has just gone live in Hearthstone, and Venture into the Wild is the first of two special Brawls that are being launched as part of the Wildfest celebrations that are ongoing for the next few weeks.

There's nothing hugely complicated about this week's challenge. Once you fire up the mode you'll be presented with a choice of nine pre-made Wild decks - one for each class. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, Wild decks can be constructed from all of the cards released from throughout Hearthstone's entire history, not just those that exist as part of the current Standard rotation.

It's safe to say there's a lot to wrap your head around if you've only come to Hearthstone in the last couple of years, so we're in the process of building a complete guide to the event. In this first edition we've got a breakdown of the deck archetypes that are available, and we're just about to start pulling full deck lists out of the game client so you can study them here.

As we get a chance to play around with the event ourselves, we'll also be updating this article with various tips and tactics that should help you get closer to your weekly reward of a free Classic card pack. Stay tuned for updates on that front, but for now here's the basics of what you can expect when you log in.

When you're done here, don't forget to head over to our Wildfest guide which contains info on all aspects of the latest special event in Hearthstone!

Venture into the Wild decks

As we've already mentioned there are a total of nine decks to choose from in Venture into the Wild. Here's the breakdown of the known archetypes, but check back in a very short amount of time for a breakdown of what's actually in each deck:

  • Aggro Druid
  • Midrange Hunter
  • Secret Mage
  • Silver Hand Paladin
  • Big Priest
  • Miracle Rogue
  • Aggro Shaman
  • Reno Warlock
  • Pirate Warrior

For a fast win it seems like your best bet is probably going to be to choose either Pirate Warrior or Aggro Druid. With the former in particularly you'll know within the first half dozen turns or so whether you're likely to win or not - you can always bounce out of your current game and re-queue if you don't like the way it's panning out for you.

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