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Hearthstone: What is the Descent of Dragons release time?

Here's when the new expansion launches in your region.

A brand new Hearthstone expansion is on the horizon, and we know that Descent of Dragons will arrive on Tuesday 10th December 2019 (that’s very soon!).

Expect 140 new cards to toy around with, and you’ll be pleased to hear a vast number of them are really, really strong. Unsurprisingly, dragons are the theme for this year’s expansion with each class getting their very own Legendary fire-breather, and a chance to try out the brand new keyword “Invoke”.

When will we get to dive into Descent of Dragons though? Well, Blizzard usually sticks to a pretty rigid schedule when it comes to launching these expansions.

With this in mind, we expect Descent of Dragons to launch at 10am PT on 10th December. If you’re not based in the west coast of the US, don’t fear as we’ve got you covered down below.

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EuropeAmericasAPAC (10.04)
6:00pm GMT10:00am PT1:00am CST
7:00pm CET11:00am MT1:00am SGT
8:00pm MSK12:00pm CT2:00am KST
1:00pm ET2:00am JST
2:00pm BRT3:00am AEST
5:00am NZST

One of the main highlights from this expansion is Galakrond and we've put together plenty of deck guides to help you get to grips with this new legendary.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, we're already in the process of creating deck guides for a range of classes. Keep an eye on the homepage for all the latest!

As we mentioned at the start of this article, these times are based on those of previous expansions, and it's not impossible that Blizzard could change their launch plans this time around.

It's also not been unknown for technical issues to hold up the release, but we'll drop a note in here if we get any official updates from Blizzard on that front.

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