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Hearthstone's Doom In The Tomb event unearths a whole lotta evil today

'eadless 'orseman

Oooh, it's the season of spooks and scares in Hearthstone once again. What's that behind the curtain? Some sort of ghost, perhaps a ghoul? No, dear reader, it's the Headless Horseman bearing the most terrifying spell of all - unbalanced playing cards! Hearthstone's diving into the Haunted Temple of Uldum, forcing an uneasy alliance between the goody-two-shoes of the League of Explorers and the comically villainous E.V.I.L in three weekly tavern brawls, in an attempt to force deprecated cards back into the depths from whence they came.

Doom In The Tomb is a three-week-long spookfest, with three new Tavern Brawls and a whole host of Wild cards brought to life from beyond the grave.

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Each new brawl puts you in the shoes of a villain of E.V.I.L, then a hero of the league, before pitting your own hero against the wrath of the Horseman. Weeks 1 and 2 are boss rush races, diving into the Haunted Temple of Uldum to bash baddies as quickly as possible to win event packs and nifty golden cards. Week 3, meanwhile, is a hectic board-management challenge. Face off against the Headless Horseman himself on a constantly rotating board, all the while keeping track of multiplying time-shifted Dreadsteeds.

Blizzard are also taking 23 cards out of Wild, bringing them back into structured play for the rest of the month. Everyone will be granted a free copy of each card for the month. Wild is where cards are exiled once Blizzard deems them old, imbalanced or broken, and has brought a select few back to briefly spice up regular play.

Jay, a more adept card-shuffler than I, took a more insightful look at how these resurrected cards might affect the game for the next few weeks. But don't get too attached to your reborn Ragnaros, though - these copies will vanish back into the ether on November 1st.

Doom In The Tomb begins haunting Hearthstone today and runs through until October 30th. Of course, there's reason enough to consider whether you'd even want to boot up Blizzard's card game again after the events of today.

Hearthstone's Halloween extravaganza couldn't have fallen at a worse time. The real terror for pro Hearthstone players, it seems, is Blizzard revoking both your prize money and access to the game for speaking in support of protestors in Hong Kong.

Punishing political activism in your professional player roster? Now there's something that goes bump in the night.

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