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Galaxy Class: New Heat Signature Dev Walkthrough

Hurling wrenches

This new Heat Signature [official site] video dev diary/walkthrough is giving me some serious "Hotline Miami in space" vibes, and I'm totally digging it. Developer Tom Francis has made some significant updates to the game since we last saw it 220 days ago. Watch as he talks us through a few missions, resets the universe a couple of times, and nails precision rebound wrench throws.

You’ll also be introduced to detpacks, which can split a ship in two or have you sucked out into the vacuum of space. Being banished to the inky blackness isn't a problem though, you can remote-control your ship to come pick you up. Heat Signature's procedural mission structure means that failing a mission isn't the end of the game, you’ll just need to try something new.

Throwing wrenches and guns to knock out guards looks (and sounds) incredibly satisfying. I just wonder how much practice Tom has under his belt to be able to bounce them round corners like that. The current version has plenty of placeholder and unfinished stuff still around, so it doesn't look like Heat Signature will be out anytime soon, but what's polished up is looking really fun.

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