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Heavy Rain demo pours onto PC [update: and it's back]

Experience the horror...!

Quantic Dream are making good on their threats, today releasing a demo of Heavy Rain ahead of its PC launch in June. Heavy Rain is arguably the least awful of their recent quicktime event thrillers, telling the branching and intersecting stories of people hunting for a serial killer. The start is pants and it completely stacks the ending but the middle has some interesting bits, which this demo kinda touches on while also showcasing how cliched and stupid their writing can be. I HAVE OPINIONS ON QUANTIC GAMES. We still have Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human to look forward to later this year.

Update: After being pulled from download on Friday due to wonk, the demo is now back.

Heavy Rain's PC demo features the same sections as the PlayStation 3 demo way back when, visiting two of the four playable characters investigating the mysterious 'Origami Killer'. One's an FBI fella blessed with two terrible first names, Norman Jayden. He wears cyberspace glasses to hack the planet and has a crippling addiction to snorting glowsticks. The other one is Scott Shelby, a private eye hired by the parents of past victims. He looks like Rodney Dangerfield but sadly does not sound like him. I wish he were Rodney Dangerfield.

Heavy Rain wishes it were Se7en. Reader, it falls short of that William Shatner Se7en parody.

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Head on over to the Epic Games Store to download the Heavy Rain demo. They estimate it'll take 45 minutes to complete.

Heavy Rain is due to launch in full exclusively on the Epic Games Store on June 24th, priced at £16. While pre-ordering is of course daft, so is Heavy Rain and it's a known quantity. The current sale pre-order price of £6 is about what it's worth for a few hours of intrigue and many more of shouting "WHY" at your screen. Not to mention the hours of fun you can have shouting "JASON!" in-game.

Following Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls will get a demo on June 27th then a full launch on July 22nd. Detroit: Become Human will get a demo in summer ahead of an autumn launch. We've not covered the allegations of workplace horrors at Quantic Dream much because they hadn't released a PC game in over a decade and seemingly wouldn't again but hey, that's now worth bearing in mind.

Watch on YouTube

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