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Heroes Of The Storm Adding Two Diablo Spellcasters

Summon spooky skeletons

At some point, one has to wonder how many heroes could possibly be hidden inside a single tempest. I'm no meteorologist, but my suspension of disbelief is starting to strain here.

Case in point: Blizzard announced two new characters for Heroes of the Storm [official site] this week, both lifted from the Diablo universe—Li-Ming the Wizard and Xul the Necromancer. They'll bring the Heroes roster up to 48 different characters, by my count [49 by mine! -unhelpful ed.].

You can read MetaBomb's interview with Dustin Browder for more information, but the Wizard is essentially a high-skill cap assassin while the Necromancer summons spooky skeletons.

Four of them, to be exact. The Necromancer summons up to four skeletons from the corpses of dead minions, and can also lay down curses to slow enemy attack speed and imprison enemy heroes. Also he looks like Riff-Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show (with a kick-ass scythe):

And then there's Li-Ming, who has the age-old Magic Missile spell for a skillshot—and every time she contributes to a kill, her skill cooldowns decrease. You can also build her to teleport around the battlefield on a short cooldown, which Browder describes as "a little bit more scary."

"It involves...taking your vulnerable glass-cannon wizard and teleporting right into the heart of the action, then blowing everyone up with all kinds of teleport-orientated attacks," says Browder.

Interesting additions, overall. Li-Ming sounds particularly important, adding yet another high-skill character to a game that focused—at least at launch—on catering to accessibility. And as for Xul...well, skeletons.

The two newcomers are due "in the upcoming weeks", along with a load of new mounts and skins also shown in this video, according to Blizzard.

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