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Hi-Fi Rush's next update will add two new game modes and special CNMN attacks

Squint and one's a roguelike

Hi-Fi Rush is a rocking good time, and the party hasn't stopped yet, baby. Developers Tango Gameworks are adding two new modes to their rhythm slasher in next month's Arcade Challenge update: one where the beat gets faster the longer you survive, and another you could tentatively call roguelike-like where you start off stripped of your abilities.

The update trailer also also shows off some new special attacks, starring distinguished robot CNMN and Smidge the tutorial fridge. It's out July 5th, and there's definitely enough to make me want to pop back in.

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"Power Up, Tower Up" is the mode that most grabs me. It's a twist on the Rhythm Tower, which normally challenges you to advance through a series of fights while a clock counts down to game over, with stylish fightin' adding more time to it. In this version there's no timer (at least, based on the footage) but you do start without any of your abilities, along with piddly damage and a small health pool. Between each fight you get to select from random rewards that bring you back up to snuff, with some twists like rewards that increase your score but also enemy damage for the next wave. They remind me of the boons you get from primordial Chaos in Hades, which is a nice comparison to find myself making.

The other mode is called "BPM Rush", with a beat that escalates from the standard 124 BPM all the way up to 200, if you can survive long enough to reach it. I find staying on beat tricky enough as it is, but those more metal than me might appreciate the challenge.

There are also those two new special attacks, involving notable non-combatants CNMN and Smidge the tutorial fridge. Chai seems to use them more as weapons than friends. Monster.

We lavished Hi-Fi Rush with well-deserved attention for our RPS Game Club back in March, celebrating everything from its photo mode to its ace canteen fight scene and culminating in a big chat with you lot.

The Arcade Challenge update lands on July 5th, with some new cosmetics and photo mode stickers bundled in too.

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