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Join us for our first RPS Game Club liveblog this Thursday

Come chat with us in real-time about Hi-Fi Rush on March 30th

Come one, come all to our very first RPS Game Club liveblog session about this month's chosen pick, Hi-Fi Rush. We'll be piling into a liveblog on Thursday March 30th at 4pm BST (that's 8am PDT / 11am EDT), so please do come and join us to talk about what you loved most about Tango Gameworks' infectious rhythm action brawler.

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We'll be chatting about our favourite moments, best characters, the backing track that made us most feel like we're 100 years old, and maybe even what kind of robotic implant we'd be signing ourselves up for if we were second in line behind Chai and his broken arm. Personally, I'd probably join the queue just to have a chance to pet excellent cat bot 808. That's almost certainly worth losing a foot over, for sure.

So bring your questions and your own favourite moments, and we'll have a jolly good time. And to help get you in the mood for our Thursday liveblog, here's some of the things we've written about Hi-Fi Rush recently to help provide some useful talking points. See you there!

The colourful characters from Hi-Fi Rush, the new game from Tango Gameworks.

Hi-Fi Rush review

Read on to see why we called Hi-Fi Rush "a bangers bonanza" and "a brilliant combination of rhythmic motions and a deep action-packed battle system".

Chai and 808 strike power poses on a rooftop in Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush's excellent photo mode keeps stopping me from playing the damn game

Katharine's play-time has been thwarted somewhat this month by her neverending quest for daft screenshots. 808 is just too photogenic!

Chai faces down a cafeteria of shocked enemy robots in Hi-Fi Rush.

How Hi-Fi Rush rediscovers its rhythm with an all-time-great fight scene

James is a big fan of the robot cafetaria scene set to The Prodigy's Invaders Must Die, and why it makes everything that comes after it feel so damn good.

Hi-Fi Rush screenshot showing Chai screaming at the camera.

Hi-Fi Rush feels great, even when you have no sense of rhythm

Hayden claims he has two left thumbs when it comes to any other rhythm action game, but with Hi-Fi Rush he's finally finds his dancing fingers thanks to its forgiving beat prompts.

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