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Highlander Demon Hunter deck list guide - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone (April 2020)

Illidan's getting involved with Highlander decks too.

The Demon Hunter class doesn’t have a card like Dinotamer Brann or Reno the Relicologist in its class. However, Zephrys the Great and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza are strong enough to make it worth creating a Highlander Demon Hunter deck. These cards along with Demon Hunter’s setups, can lead to some fairly easy victories.

Our Zephrys the Great guide page is a good tool to help you understand how to use the genie as best you can, and just follow the rest of this guide to hopefully be steered to victory!

Highlander Demon Hunter deck list and strategy

Here’s the Highlander Demon Hunter deck we’ll be using for the Ashes of Outland expansion. We’ll keep you updated with any changes!

Demon HunterNeutral
1 x Crimson Sigil Runner1 x Zephrys the Great
1 x Shadowhoof Slayer1 x Overconfident Orc
1 x Battlefiend1 x Maiev Shadowsong
1 x Chaos Strike1 x Dragonqueen Alexstrasza
1 x Umberwing
1 x Immolation Aura
1 x Furious Felfin
1 x Spectral Sight
1 x Netherwalker
1 x Soul Cleave
1 x Altruis the Outcast
1 x Aldrachi Warblades
1 x Eye Beam
1 x Kayn Sunfury
1 x Illidari Felblade
1 x Ashtongue Battlelord
1 x Imprisoned Antaen
1 x Metamorphosis
1 x Skull of Gul'dan
1 x Chaos Nova
1 x Wrathspike Brute
1 x Glaivebound Adept
1 x Flamereaper
1 x Priestess of Fury
1 x Coilfang Warlord
1 x Inner Demon

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAea5Ax78owORsQOHugOLugPJugPMugPXuwPmuwOcvAPDvAPJvAOZvQPmvgPtvgOEwwP3wwO6xgPHxgPZxgPaxgPVyAPXyAP3yAP+yAP/yAOcyQPZ0wPb0wPd0wP41gMAAA==

General strategy

Highlander Demon Hunter is a bit of a hybrid between a number of Demon Hunter archetypes. It’s most closely-related to our Midrange Demon Hunter, but you’ve got a little bit of extra space for higher-cost cards. Since you can only have one copy of each, you’ll want to take advantage of that extra bit of longevity as best you can.

Early game: As always, cheap minions are the order of the day. Crimson Sigil Runner, Battlefiend, and Shadowhoof Slayer all fill this role excellently, and force your opponent to react early. Ideally, they’ll have to use resources to check your early aggression, leaving you with a great deal of power later on in the game they’ll struggle to handle.

Play out your cards on curve - you’ve got all manner of cards to keep this dream alive. Choose your discovered demon minion from Netherwalker wisely - if you don’t have your next couple turns planned out, maybe use it to find a play to keep tempo up. You have a lot of removal potential too, from Furious Felfin to Aldrachi Warblades. Some of these even heal you up with Lifesteal, so try to take advantage of the likes of Eye Beam and Soul Cleave when you’ve taken a couple hits of damage.

Mid game: Ashtongue Battlelord is another great Lifesteal pick, allowing you to stay healthy when facing aggressive threats. Chaos Nova is another great choice for saving yourself, as it often destroys all enemy minions, helping you stick around for longer.

Just like our Midrange deck, Imprisoned Antaen is a massively powerful play if you can get it onto the board. When it awakens, it deals 10 damage split amongst all enemies, leaving you with a whopping 10/6 on board threatening after you wait a couple turns. We occasionally find ourselves using Skull of Gul'dan as an emergency bit of card draw, but if it is urgent and you’re low on cards, you can often get it to the side of your hand to trigger the Outcast effect.

Depending on the board state, you might want to either go aggressive or start clearing enemies. Always count for lethal damage - Kayn Sunfury lets you bypass Taunt minions, so having it on board before playing Zephrys the Great will give you a lot of potential for an early win.

Late game: Don’t fret if you’re still playing when the late game comes though! Highlander Demon Hunter has some tricks up its sleeve to keep you going. Obviously, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza can be the final nail in your enemy’s coffin, potentially giving you two more chunky (and free) dragons in hand.

Coilfang Warlord and Kayn Sunfury work great here in getting Taunts out of your hair, and remember that Zephrys the Great will always find lethal when possible.

More great Demon Hunter guides:

Highlander Demon Hunter Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to make the best possible start with Aggro Demon Hunter:

  • 1. Battlefiend is a perfect Demon Hunter opener. 1 mana 2/2s are pretty strong regardless, and the potential for it to grow every turn is too good to turn down.
  • 2. Crimson Sigil Runner is a 1 mana 2/1 with card draw, which is super strong. It’s especially worth keeping in your mulligan if you find it at the left hand side of your hand.
  • 3. We like Netherwalker early on. It helps you smooth out your curve, since you’re allowed to Discover a minion from a choice of three.

Highlander Demon Hunter tips, combos and synergies

Here’s a few combos and interactions to look out for with Highlander Demon Hunter.

- Priestess of Fury deals 6 damage randomly split between all enemies every turn, including the one she’s summoned. It’s often a good idea to clear enemy minions to maximise the chances of that damage going face.

- Furious Felfin is powerful as a 2 mana 4/2 minion with Rush, able to kill off an enemy. Regardless of this though, you can play it as a 2 mana 4/2 on an empty board too, since that’s a pretty spooky threat. Just remember to use your Hero Power to attack first.

- Maiev Shadowsong, when making minions Dormant, allows them to re-trigger their awakening effects. This can be great for your friendly Imprisoned Antaen, but far less ideal if the enemy Imprisoned Observer gets another bit of damage in a couple turns later.

- Glaivebound Adept can target both minions and face, so don’t be scared to use that direct 4 damage to pressurise your enemy.

- Illidari Felblade has a massively strong and swingy Outcast effect. If you can trigger it, you’ll be able to deal 5 to an enemy minion and have a completely unscathed 5/3 minion on board.

- Remember, Metamorphosis changes your Hero Power so you can use Demon Claws and it on the same turn if you happen to have 7 mana available.

- This deck has a lot of burst damage should you need it. Inner Demon is expensive, but for 8 mana, you can give your hero +8 attack, potentially leading to lethal damage.

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