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Hitman 2 introducing 1v1 multiplayer Ghost Mode


The prospect of Hitman 2 has seemed to be 'more of the same good stuff, in new places' but with the game's launch now only one month and a day away, developers IO Interactive today announced that--surprise!--it'll introduce a 1v1 competitive multiplayer mode. Ghost Mode, as it's named, isn't about two hitmen trying to whack each other. Instead, they'll compete to off the same random targets fastest in different instances of the same level, existing in each other's world only as a faded 'ghost'. Ah you'll understand if you watch this new trailer below.

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See? Two worlds, two Ian Hitmans, two sets of the same targets. Players are aiming for five successful unnoticed kills, picking from the many targets across the map. While the two players exist in separate worlds, with NPCs oblivious to what's going on in the other, they do cross over a little.

'Ghost Crates' across the level contain weapons, disguises, and items, which are shared between players; take your one allowed item from a crate, and it won't be there for your opponent. And killing a target will trigger a timer for the other player, giving them only twenty seconds to take them out in their own world before the opportunity is lost.

IO say that it'll initially only be in Hitman 2's Miami level, spreading to others later, including those remastered versions of maps from the previous game.

I've not much interest in Ghost Mode myself, enjoying Hitman as a system to learn and toy with rather than something I want to compete in, but I would be quite interested to see top hitmen going at it. Well, or inept newcomers if they're as enthusiastic as our (other) Alice.

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