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Hitman's Fifth Elusive Target Now Roaming Marrakesh

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The next episode of Hitman [official site] isn't due until later in July, but IO Interactive are ringing in the new month with a little spot of murder. The fifth 'Elusive Target' is here, an arms dealer hanging around Marrakesh for three days before he vanishes forever. Five is a magic number, as it means folks who snuff this chap out and have hit all previous targets can unlock Ian's suit from Hitman Absolution.

The Gunrunner is already on the loose, so do hop on over to Marrakesh if you want to catch him. As ever with Elusive Targets, if you fail the hit or don't get him before these three days are up, he'll be gone forever - no second chances. You've got until Monday at 1pm UK time (or this o'clock in your time zone) to do the dastardly deed.

Five successful elusive hits will earn players the Hitman Absolution Signature Suit, with a snazzy tie pin and a pair of leather driving gloves. This being the fifth target, this could your first chance to get these threads:

The Summer Bonus Episode, for which a release date hasn't been announced yet, is not adding new locations. It'll bring two big new hits in Morocco and Sapienza, with a mole to whack in the former and a movie star to extinguish in the latter. It looks like the film crew have worked Sapienza over a bit, mind, including plopping in a whopping great robot. After that, the final three episodes will go to Thailand, the USA, then Japan.

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