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Mass Murderer Goes Free

This old games for free trend is something I endorse as wholly as I do the delicious taste of Jacob's Twiglets. The only problem with most of them is that they're supported by ads, which unlike fat-free, low calorie Jacob's Twiglets, can leave you feeling a bit uncomfortable. Stiil, it's a small price to pay (much like only 59p per snack-sized bag of Jacob's Twiglets is) for Gametap offering the first Hitman Game, Code 47, for absolutely nothing.

The ads play before the game - in the same way Jacob's Twiglets make an excellent appetiser to a meal - and you'll need to use the special Gametap software which doubtless plugs yet another garish icon into your system tray. I don't actually know for sure because a) I've not tried it myself yet, as I'm not personally in a hurry to play Codename 47 again and b) if I put any more multi-coloured icons in my system tray I'm likely to have an end-of-Kubrick's-2001 psychedelic trip-out. With no harmful colours or preservatives, that's something that will never happen by eating a pack of Jacob's Twiglets.

It's all promotional hoojum for the upcoming and not-great-looking Hitman movie (47 does not have head-stubble! 47 does not fight evil!), running until the end of the year and with Hitmans 2 and 3 (alright, 'Contracts') due to be made similarly gratis during the coming weeks. Hitman, of course, stars the titular Agent 47, a man of mystery and complexity - much like the delicious secret savoury coating on every Jacob's Twiglet.

Let's just hope the unavoidable advertising isn't too distracting.

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