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Holy 4000 Priest deck guide

Sick of playing a control Priest? Try this Mech-heavy deck on for size.

Do you like playing Priest? Have you got, like, loads and loads of Goblins vs Gnomes cards? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, we think you'll be pretty taken with the new deck we're putting under the spotlight today.

Created by MarineKingAizen, this Mech-heavy Priest deck gives you plenty of hefty tools that can be used to trade off against whatever your opponent plays. It's certainly got plenty to offer the Priest player who's grown tired of the typical Control deck that's come to define the Hero.

Holy 4000 Priest deck guide

You should aim to make efficient trades throughout the early game, moving into the mid-point with a nice selection of cards to ensure you have the means to beef up your board. Don't get too greedy with your control options once you reach the later turns of a match, however. Sooner or later you need to start pushing damage into the opponent's face, and leave them to do the hard work of getting rid of your extremely sticky minions.

Jeeves is really important for filling your hand if you pull it out after turn six or so. Be less concerned about maximising the Battlecry bonuses of your minions when this fella shows up. Dump your hand, get everything out on the board, and let your butler do the hard work of replenishing the supplies.

Holy 4000 Priest Mulligan guide

As a general rule, you want to look for cards like Mechwarper, Northshire Cleric, Shadowboxer, Spider Tank and Dark Cultist. Hang onto your Northshire Cleric if you also have Power Word: Shield, otherwise throw the buff card away as it'll just sit in your hand taking up space otherwise.

Against Hunters, Mages, Priests and Shamans it's sensible to hold onto your Silence and Shadow Word: Pain cards so you can neutralise Undertakers, Water Elementals, Mechwarpers and Clerics in the mirror match-up. Against a Warrior, save your Shadow Word: Pain so you can make quick and light work of those irritating Acolytes.

Holy 4000 Priest card combos

There are plenty of obvious card combos to think about when playing the Holy 4000 deck, and a few that may not be immediately obvious. Here's what to keep in mind as you develop your presence on the board.

Upgraded Repair Bot can make any of your other Mech minions incredibly sticky. Make sure you're getting value from it at all times.

Canny Mechwarper use will allow you to build an intimidating fighting force incredibly quickly.

Holy Nova used in combination with Northshire Cleric can not only reinvigorate the minions on your side of the board, it'll also do a tidy job of refilling your hand. Make sure you don't push yourself over the ten card limit and lose something essential though!

Likewise, Shadowboxer can cause all kinds of chaos for your opponent if it's played alongside Holy Nova, and when you also have a handful of minions on the board.

Never put Tinkertown Technician into play without a Mech minion on the board. You have so many Mechs to draw into that it's almost always worth waiting until you can get the benefit of that Battlecry.

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