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Home Frickin' Run: New TF2 Scout Details Revealed

Trumpet sounds: Valve have begun their now traditional countdown to the next Team Fortress 2 update, this time, as expected, for the Scout. This means there's a new website up, and there will be new details about the additional features added every day. The final reveal will be next Tuesday, the 24th. And the first reveal? The Sandman. And it's a doozy.

Sleep with one eye open. Gripping your pillow tight.

The Sandman embraces the Scout's baseball bat, taking things to their illogical conclusion. Using the bat, you hit a baseball at an opposing player, which will stun him. The farther you hit the ball, the better the result. It will even stun the invulnerable - bring on the sound of an angry mob of Heavy fanatics. The catch: you can't double-jump when carrying the Sandman bat, but as the site explains, "double jumping never put anybody in a coma."

It just can't be a coincidence that the last of the Scout's baseball themed updates gets announced the day before Spring Training begins. These are the sorts of details we want, developers.

Take a look at the site's background image, and you can see there was originally a gag to do with "batting order", and a reference to a comic. Just in case anyone needed to know. Edit: This has been removed now, conspiracy fans.

So, get to speculating. What else will we see revealed over the coming seven days? New maps? New game mode? And most of all, what will the Scout's other two bonuses be? The more baseball puns, the better.

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