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Horizon: Zero Dawn may reportedly be heading to PC this year

Just over the horizon

Like many of you, I've never felt the impact of a steel bow pierce cyborg velociraptor flesh. I've never climbed one of Horizon: Zero Dawn's whopping great brontosaurus with a flying saucer for a head. No, I've only watched our oft-absent PlayStation-owning flatmate steal through the tall grass, watching from the doorway, thinking "cor, that looks alright."

Horizon: Zero Dawn was going to be one of those nifty-looking console games I'd begrudgingly accepted I'd never play. But that might not be the case for much longer. Earlier today, Kotaku reported that Guerrilla Games' open-world dino-hunter could appear on PC as soon as this year, according to three anonymous sources "familiar with Sony's plans".

Of course, Sony has yet to make an official statement on the matter. Right now, I recommend taking all this with a pinch of salt.

For those not in the know - Horizon: Zero Dawn is a 2017 open-world romp for the PlayStation 4. It's the future, humanity's starting over from scratch in insular tribes, and there's a nasty bunch of cyborg dinosaurs trotting all over the shop, acting like they own the place. With techno-tribal matriarchal societies and trap-based hunting, there's some proper neat stuff lurking under more familiar open-world trappings.

Sources told Kotaku they "expect to see the game on both Steam and the Epic Games Store when it launches", even if those stores haven't been entirely confirmed. The report also claims there's good incentive to port it - a PC port would be an opportunity for Guerrilla to "show off [their] technical chops", offering a version of Horizon that isn't capped at 30 frames-per-second. That's a fair bet - it's a gorgeous looking thing, even if it brings Sony's big electric rhombus to a crawl.

It's not an impossible suggestion. Sony have loosened up with the PC ports lately, with some venerable PlayStation exclusive developers finding a home on PC. For better or worse, delightfully dislikeable Quantic Dreams titles like Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have made their way to PC. Meanwhile, Kojima Productions' star-studded walk 'em up Death Stranding is due for delivery later this year.

But as Kotaku note, Guerrilla Games are a different beast entirely, being wholly owned by Sony. Horizon heading to PC would be a notable shift in strategy for the company. Sony haven't released a first-party game funded and developed by the publisher outside of the PlayStation platform since it began in 1994 - ignoring PC-exclusive MMO efforts like EverQuest. It would also be Guerrilla's first non-PlayStation game since they were acquired by Sony 15 years ago.

The times, though, they are a-changing. Xbox have embraced the cold, LED-tinted grasp of the home computer in recent years, extending Game Pass to PC and putting all of the Halos on Steam.

Whether Sony are starting to feel the pressure or not, the prospect of some PC-powered raptor hunting is fine by me. Of course, this could all be wishful rumour and nonsense. We'll keep you posted.

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