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How to beat Mother Shahraz in Hearthstone’s Trial by Felfire

She's a cruel, cruel mother.

Illidan has chosen one nasty being to prove yourself against. Previous fights have been pretty basic, but Mother Shahraz is easy to mess up against. You have to think things through a bit better.

Her Hero Power is ridiculously strong. You’ll have to remember too - it triggers on her turn as well as yours, so be careful when she equips weapons like Fiery War Axe and Fool’s Bane.

It’s vital to keep in mind though - it’s only the first instance of damage that’s reversed.

Here are a few tips to help the fight go a bit more smoothly:

  • Don’t keep Kingsbane in your Mulligan unless you have a couple copies of Deadly Poison in hand. It’s not a win condition in this matchup, but can be helpful for board control.
  • Use small minions to mitigate the enemy’s Hero Power. Mother Shahraz will nullify the first instance of damage each turn and deal it to whoever attacked instead, so don’t hit unless you have a plan for a bunch of damage on that same turn. Using a 1/1 from Snake Trap or (3/7 that summons huntresses) can be a boon here.
  • Sklibb, Outcast is a great play for when you can activate its Outcast ability. With it, you get two 1/6 Glowcap Mushrooms with Taunt, stopping enemy damage coming in and destroying more valuable minions or your face.
  • Gahz’rilla or Edwin VanCleef can be great win conditions for this fight. Their attack values can increase to huge levels, offering the chance to one-shot Mother Shahraz. However, just make sure it’s not the first damage that turn, or you’ll be sacrificing your big bois for nothing. We won a couple of times by having our Gahz’rilla on board with an enemy Priestess of Fury, doubling his attack a few times and killing in a single hit.
  • Try to keep the board clear as much as possible. The longer you stop face damage, the fewer cards Mother Shahraz will have to play with. Once she’s down to her last few, then you can start going face. Until then, destroy her minions with everything you have, including your 1/1s with Rush from Halazzi, the Lynx, as well as the extra attack from Ashtongue Slayer buffing minions like Spymistress.
  • We found Brightwing to be surprisingly powerful if you’re lucky. They give you a random Legendary minion, who can turn the tide of battle. We got Foe Reaper 4000, which helped enormously on one of our fights as it could get rid of all the pesky minions in play.

That’s all for Mother Shahraz! Keep trying and have our tips in mind, and you should be all good for the rest of Trial by Felfire.

While you’re at it, why not check out some of our Demon Hunter decks, if playing this mode has given you a taste for such a thing? We’ve got a Tempo Demon Hunter one for those of you looking to get a bit more aggro, as well as Big Demon Hunter if you’re after something a bit slower.

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